Maricopa Community Colleges  TEC227   19996-20045 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 02/23/99
TEC227 19996-20045 L+L 3 Credit(s) 5 Period(s)
Couture Sewing
Construction techniques used in couture sewing. Includes fabric selection, fitting, fabric preparation, hand sewing, garment shaping, edge finishes, embellishments, and closures. Emphasis on couture techniques used in the construction of skirts, pants, blouses, dresses, sleeves, pockets, jackets, coats, and evening wear. May be repeated for a total of 12 credit hours with instructor permission. Prerequisites: TEC123, or permission of instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
TEC227   19996-20045 Couture Sewing
1. Select fashion fabric, interfacing, backing, and lining suitable for a couture garment. (I)
2. Adjust and alter commercial patterns for couture garment constructed in class. (II)
3. Prepare fabric for garment construction. (III)
4. Use appropriate needles and thread for hand sewing. (IV)
5. Apply temporary and permanent hand stitches to couture garment. (IV)
6. Shape couture garment by using appropriate seams, darts, and pressing techniques. (V)
7. Apply edge finishes, such as hems, shaped facings, and bindings to couture garment. (VI)
8. Use couture techniques in applying closures to garment. (VII)
9. Apply couture techniques when sewing skirts, pants, blouses, dresses, jackets, coats, and evening wear. (VIII)
10. Use couture techniques when sewing sleeves and pockets. (VIII)
11. Use couture techniques to embellish garment constructed in class. (VIII)
12. Evaluate garments constructed in class. (IX)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
TEC227   19996-20045 Couture Sewing
    I. Selecting Fabrics
        A. Fashion fabric
        B. Interfacing
        C. Backing
        D. Lining
      II. Pattern Fitting
          A. Adjustments
          B. Alterations
        III. Fabric Preparation
            A. Preshrinking
            B. Perfecting grainline
            C. Cutting
            D. Marking
          IV. Hand Sewing
              A. Needles
              B. Threads
              C. Temporary stitches
              D. Permanent stitches
            V. Shaping the Garment
                A. Seams
                B. Darts
                C. Pressing techniques
              VI. Edge Finishes
                  A. Hems
                  B. Shaped facings
                  C. Bindings
                VII. Closures
                    A. Plackets
                    B. Buttons and buttonholes
                    C. Zippers
                    D. Hooks, eyes, and snaps
                  VIII. Couture Sewing Techniques
                      A. Skirts and pants
                      B. Blouses and dresses
                      C. Sleeves
                        1. Sleeve heads
                        2. Sleeve boosters
                        3. Blouse sleeves
                        4. Tailored sleeves
                      D. Pockets
                        1. Patch
                        2. Set-in
                        3. Welt
                      E. Jackets and coats
                        1. Stitching the jacket/coat
                        2. Facing the lapels
                        3. Constructing the lining
                        4. Finishing the body
                        5. Collar
                        6. Chanel techniques
                      F. Evening wear
                      G. Embellishments
                    IX. Evaluation
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