Maricopa Community Colleges  SBS220  19996-99999 

Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  05/25/99  

SBS220      19996-99999


2 Credit(s)

2 Period(s)

Internet Marketing for Small Business

Focuses on "e-Commerce"-doing business on the Internet and planning a website. Topics include: how the Internet can help growth and success of business; examples of successful marketing on the Internet; availability of Internet services; necessary hardware and software for marketing on the Internet; determining products/services appropriate for Internet marketing; budget constraints and on-going operations of the Internet site. Prerequisites: None.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



SBS220  19996-99999

Internet Marketing for Small Business



Present an overview of the Internet as a marketing tool for your business needs. (I)


Identify and describe regulatory and privacy issues related to use of the Internet for marketing. (I)


Identify and describe the variety of ways the Internet may be used to meet the marketing needs of a business. (II)


Identify and use the criteria necessary to select the best Internet service for the marketing needs of your business. (III)


Identify the products/services appropriate for selling on the Internet and prepare an analysis of the existing competition for these products/services. (IV)


Develop strategies for marketing your products/services on the Internet. (IV)


Determine the technology (hardware, software, telecom lines, etc.) necessary to establish an Internet web site for your business. (V)


Identify and describe the steps necessary to complete the programming and make the web site operational. (VI)


Establish a budget to include projected dollars from sales, start-up costs, on-going operations costs, administrative and personnel costs, and marketing costs. (VII)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



SBS220  19996-99999

Internet Marketing for Small Business



I. Overview of the Internet

A. Internet: The big picture

1. Informational library

2. "e-Commerce"

B. Internet: Regulatory issues

1. Privacy and protection of information

2. Laws and regulations

3. Domain name registrations

II. Uses of the Internet

A. Information purposes

B. Selling products on-line

C. Communicating with customers

D. Establishing pricing levels for products/services

E. Auctioning products/services

F. Testing product popularity

III. Selection of an Internet Service

A. Cost vs. types of services available

B. Technology available

C. Speed of service

D. Customer services provided

IV. Selling Products on the Internet

A. Selecting products/services for sale

B. Consideration of new products/services for sale

C. Analysis of competition

D. Marketing strategies for Internet sales

V. Technology for Internet Business

A. Selection of hardware

B. Telephone lines

C. Selection of software

VI. Setting-up the Internet Web Site

A. Designing the web page

B. Programming the software

1. Time

2. Cost

C. Input of information

1. Daily

2. Weekly

3. Monthly

D. Determining on-going operational needs

VII. Establishing a Budget

A. Start-up costs

B. Projected dollars from Internet sales

C. On-going operations costs

1. Administrative

2. Personnel

3. Marketing


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