Maricopa Community Colleges  SOC141   19982-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 11-25-1997

SOC141  1998 Spring – 2002 Fall

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

Sovereign Indian Nations

Explores the sovereign status of American Indians as it relates to social relationships, traditions, and culture of American Indians. Reviews historic relations with non-Indian societies, the development of federal Indian law, tribal governments and their functions. Examines treaty rights, environmental issues, public policy, economic development, other current issues, and contemporary social problems.

Prerequisites: None.

Cross-References: AIS141

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


SOC141  1998 Spring – 2002 Fall

Sovereign Indian Nations



Review United States/Indian relations during the Colonial era and describe Indian resistance to government policies. (I)


Define American Indian sovereignty. (II)


Trace the historical and legal development of Indian sovereignty. (II-IV)


Explain tribal government and its functions in relation to tribal sovereignty. (IV)


Describe the contemporary sovereign status of American Indian Nations in Arizona and nationally. (IV)


Identify and describe the social and legal issues related to sovereignty vs. assimilation. (V)


Describe the unique legal status of American Indians and explain the impact of this on their relationship with the United States government. (IV-VI)


Explain how contemporary economic development, public policy, environmental issues, and the law impact the sovereign status of Indian Nations in Arizona and nationally. (VI)


Describe how other current issues and modern Indian resistance impact the sovereign status of Indian Nations in Arizona and nationally. (VI)


Identify and describe contemporary social problems related to the Indian family, children, and elderly in urban and reservation environments. (VI)


Identify the challenges Indian Nations must confront to maintain their sovereignstatus. (IV-VI)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


SOC141  1998 Spring – 2002 Fall

Sovereign Indian Nations


I. The Colonial Era

A. Early U.S./Indian Relations

B. Impact of United States Independence on Indian Nations

C. Removal Policy

D. Reservations

E. Indian Resistance to Removal and Reservation Policies

II. The Development of American Indian Sovereignty

A. The End of Treaty Making

B. Allotment

C. Major Crimes Act

D. Limitations of Sovereignty

III. Sovereignty and Reorganization

A. The Indian Reorganization Act

B. The Indian Claims Commission

IV. Contemporary Sovereign Status

A. Functions of Tribal Governments

B. Arizona Indian Nations

C. Other American Indian Nations

V. Sovereignty or Assimilation

A. Relocation

B. Termination

C. Indian Civil Rights Act

VI. Sovereignty and the Future of Indian/U.S. Relations

A. Modern Indian Resistance

1. Militancy

2. Civil Rights

3. Pan Indian Movements

4. Treaty Rights

B. Current Issues Relating to Indian Nations

1. Economic Development

2. Gaming

3. Treaty Rights

4. Water Rights

5. Institutional Racism

6. Culture

7. Religion

8. Other

C. Contemporary Social Problems in Indian Nations

1. Problems Related to Families

2. Problems of Children

3. Problems of the Elderly

4. Other



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