Maricopa Community Colleges  MUP218   19982-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 5-27-97

MUP218  1998 Spring – 2010 Summer II

L+L  1.0 Credit(s)  2.0 Period(s)  1.7 Load  Acad

Audition Techniques: Vocal Music Theater

Practice in the techniques of auditioning for musical theater. Identification and illustration techniques of the music theater vocal audition.

Prerequisites: None.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


MUP218  1998 Spring – 2010 Summer II

Audition Techniques: Vocal Music Theater



Prepare a personal resume. (I)


Identify the features of a professional headshot. (I)


Communicate personality through appropriate dress and interview response. (I)


Demonstrate basic singing warm-up techniques. (I)


Identify vocal music resources for prepared audition material. (II)


Evaluate a selected prepared audition song. (II)


Demonstrate continuity, contrasting sections, and climax by cutting audition selection to appropriate length. (II)


Read and listen to a song and its text, and compose a title that describes its style, spirit and point of view. (III)


Read and listen to a song and its text, and describe a character in terms of type, relationships, objective and obstacle. (III)


Read and listen to a song and its text, and identify and describe a character's contrasting emotions. (III)


Use an active verb to describe a character's physical intention. (III)


Practice the audition song using appropriate rehearsal techniques. (III)


Create, perform, and evaluate at least two audition programs consisting of an introduction, two contrasting songs per program, transition, and exit. (V, VI)


Identify the basic steps and sequences that are standard in a music theater dance audition. (IV)


Practice dance steps and sequences with the idea of "selling it." (IV)


Prepare an audition notebook with appropriately cut music and representative vocal selections. (V)


Develop a roster of performing arts organizations that hold open auditions. (VII)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


MUP218  1998 Spring – 2010 Summer II

Audition Techniques: Vocal Music Theater


I. Groundwork for Success

A. Audition Standard Operating Procedures

B. Displaying Your Uniqueness

1. Resume

2. Headshot

3. Interview

4. Introduction

C. Etiquette and Dress

D. Singer/actor preparation/and warm-up techniques

II. Selecting the Song

A. Resources

B. Criteria

C. Standard cuttings: 16 bars, 32 bars, one minute

III. Song/Text Analysis

A. Style, spirit and point of view

B. Character identification

1. Type

2. Relationships

3. Objective

4. Obstacle

C. Emotions

D. Physical intentions

IV. Surviving the Movement/Dance Audition

A. Basic steps

B. Identifying sequences, patterns

C. Selling it

V. Assembling the Audition Package

A. Creating an audition repertoire notebook

B. Finding a focus and theme

C. Using props and costumes

VI. Performing the Audition Program

A. Presentation

B. Evaluation

VII. Marketing the Performance Package

A. Identifying performing opportunities

1. Summer stock

2. Regional theater

3. Touring companies



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