Maricopa Community Colleges  SPA117   19962-20055 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 10/24/95

SPA117  19962-20055


3 Credit(s)

3 Period(s)

Health Care Spanish

Basic conversational Spanish for health care workers or students. Emphasis on basic sentence structure, pronunciation and vocabulary used in health care settings. Prerequisites: None.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



SPA117  19962-20055

Health Care Spanish



Recite Spanish words, using standard sound patterns and intonation. (I)


State Spanish greetings, introductions and farewells to clients. (II)


Use Spanish vocabulary in describing parts of the body. (III)


Describe dates, times, and setting appointments in Spanish. (IV)


State directions to Spanish speaking persons and clients. (V)


Use Spanish vocabulary to converse with or about family members. (VI)


Describe common medical symptoms and patient history in Spanish. (VII)


Use Spanish vocabulary related to patient feeding, diet, and care. (VIII)


Use Spanish vocabulary in describing specific types of medications and their use. (IX)


Describe symptoms for common diseases, medical conditions, and medical specialists in Spanish. (X)


Describe similarities and differences between Hispanic and Anglo cultures. (XI)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



SPA117  19962-20055

Health Care Spanish



I. Introduction to the Spanish language

A. Pronunciation

B. Stress patterns

C. Intonation

II. Greetings, introductions, farewells

A. Greetings and farewells

B. Amenities

C. Verbs ser and estar

D. Possessive adjectives

III. Parts of the body

A. Extremities, skull, and torso

B. Organ systems

C. Other structures

IV. Dates and appointments

A. Numbers

B. Days of the week

C. Months of the year and dates

D. Telling time

E. Phone numbers

F. Verb ir

V. Information and directions

A. Question words and forming questions

B. Command forms

C. Directions for routine procedures

D. Regular verbs-present tense

VI. Family members

A. Frequently used terms

B. Explanation

C. Situations

VII. Medical symptoms and history

A. Common symptoms

B. Command forms

C. Comparisons

VIII. Patient feeding and comfort

A. Names of foods

B. Ordering meals

C. Patient needs and comforts

D. Verb tener

IX. Pharmacy and medicine

A. Common medications

B. Object pronouns

C. Instructions

X. Diseases and medical specialists

A. Common illnesses and conditions

B. Medical specialists

C. More verbs: irregular, stem-changing and reflexive

XI. Hispanic cultures

A. Medical systems and care

B. Alternative health care systems

C. Importance of the family and its role in health care

D. Beliefs about foods

E. Pharmacy in Spanish-speaking countries

F. Other differences and similarities


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