Maricopa Community Colleges  RDG091   19956-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval:  3-28-95

RDG091  1995 Fall – 2009 Fall


3.0 Credit(s)

3.0 Period(s)

College Reading Skills I

Designed to improve basic reading and study skills, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Recommended to all students whose placement test scores indicate a need for reading instruction.

Prerequisites: Reading placement test score (ASSET), or grade of "C" or better in RDG081, or permission of Instructor.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


RDG091  1995 Fall – 2009 Fall

College Reading Skills I



Apply efficient textbook study strategies. (I)


Explain main ideas in single and multi-paragraph readings. (II)


Explain the relationships of details to the main idea(s) they support. (III)


Apply word meaning strategies. (IV)


Draw inferences from reading selections. (V)


Utilize patterns as aids to comprehension of single and multi-paragraph readings. (VI)


Integrate information from graphics with text information. (VII)


Vary reading rate. (VIII)


Apply skimming and scanning techniques when appropriate. (IX)


Summarize single and multi-paragraph readings. (X)


Compare and contrast ideas from several readings. (XI)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


RDG091  1995 Fall – 2009 Fall

College Reading Skills I

I. Efficient textbook study strategies

A. Before reading

B. During reading

C. After reading

II. Main ideas

A. Stated

B. Implied

III. Related details

A. Subject development

1. Example

2. Reason

3. Cause-effect

4. Comparison/contrast

5. Enumeration

B. Hierarchy

1. Major details

2. Minor details

IV. Word meaning strategies

A. Context clues

B. Word structure

C. Dictionary use

V. Inferences in reading selections

VI. Paragraph patterns as aids to comprehension

VII. Graphic information

A. Format

1. Maps

2. Charts

3. Tables

4. Graphs

B. Process

1. Graphic located

2. Title read and analyzed

3. Graphic examined

4. Information related to relevant text

VIII. Varied reading rate

A. According to purpose for reading

B. Based on difficulty of vocabulary

C. Determined by student's skill ability

IX. Reading techniques

A. Skimming

B. Scanning

X. Summarizing

A. Single paragraphs

B. Multi-paragraph readings

XI. Comparison and contrast of ideas in varied readings


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