Maricopa Community Colleges  RDG081   19956-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval:  6-27-95

RDG081  1995 Fall – 2009 Fall


3.0 Credit(s)

3.0 Period(s)

Reading Improvement

Designed to improve basic reading skills. Includes word recognition, prediction of contents of reading selections, and development of basic vocabulary. Emphasis on identifying main ideas and related details. Reviews following directions and the understanding of graphic materials.

Prerequisites: Placement test scores, or permission of Instructor.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


RDG081  1995 Fall – 2009 Fall

Reading Improvement



Apply previewing strategies to predict the content of reading passages. (I)


Use sound-symbol relationships in the English language to pronounce words. (II)


Apply syllabication to aid in pronouncing multisyllabic words. (III)


Analyze words according to their structure. (IV)


Apply dictionary usage skills. (V)


Use clues in context to predict word meanings. (VI)


Utilize a vocabulary development system. (VII)


Identify stated and implied main ideas of written materials. (VIII)


Relate major and minor supporting details to main ideas in written materials. (IX)


Follow the reasoning of a writer's organization. (X)


Use graphic organizers to analyze the structure of a reading passage. (XI)


Interpret graphics in reading passages. (XII)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


RDG081  1995 Fall – 2009 Fall

Reading Improvement

I. Content prediction

A. Preview of title

B. Preview of subtitles

C. Comparison with actual content

II. Sound-symbol relationships

III. Syllabication

A. Hearing syllables

B. Syllabication rules

IV. Structural analysis

A. Roots

B. Affixes

V. Dictionary skills

A. Guide words

B. Pronunciation key

C. Dictionary entry

VI. Clues in context

A. Words with multiple meanings

B. Unfamiliar words

VII. Vocabulary development

A. 3 x 5 card system

B. Other vocabulary building system

C. Word derivation

VIII. Stated and implied main ideas

A. Paragraphs

B. Longer reading passages

IX. Supporting details

A. Major support

B. Minor support

X. Organization

A. Addition

B. Cause and effect

B. Comparison/contrast

D. Illustration

E. Time

F. Series

XI. Graphic organizers

A. Mapping

B. Charting

C. Outlining

XII. Graphics in reading passages

A. Maps

B. Charts

C. Tables

D. Diagrams

E. Graphs


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