Maricopa Community Colleges  SPA101AA   19946-20005 
Official Course Description:   MCCCD Approval:  04/26/94  
SPA101AA     19946-20005 L+L 4 Credit(s) 5 Period(s)
Elementary Spanish I
Basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the Spanish language. Includes the study of the Spanish-speaking cultures. Practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
SPA101AA   19946-20005 Elementary Spanish I
1. Pronounce Spanish, using standard sound patterns and intonation. (I, IV)
2. Use approximately 1,200 words in Spanish. (I, III)
3. Ask and answer basic questions in Spanish in the present, preterit and present progressive tenses. (I)
4. Use Spanish grammar and vocabulary to express personal ideas and opinions. (I, III, IV)
5. Converse in simple spoken Spanish. (I)
6. Identify and use selected proverbs and songs in Spanish. (I, II)
7. Read and explain simple journalistic Spanish as well as cultural narrative descriptions. (II)
8. Explain various aspects of Hispanic culture and values. (II, IV)
9. Identify geographical areas of the Hispanic world. (II)
10. Write a 100 word composition in Spanish. (III)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
SPA101AA   19946-20005 Elementary Spanish I
    I. Speaking Skills
        A. Spanish pronunciation
        B. Vocabulary and sentence structures
        C. Dialogues that center on interpersonal communication
          1. College
          2. Family
          3. Climate
          4. Shopping
          5. Travel
          6. Beliefs
          7. The body
          8. Clothes
          9. Social life
          10. Geography
          11. Restaurant Spanish
      II. Reading Skills
          A. Intensive (for details): cultural readings
            1. Hispanic gestures
            2. Spanish family settings and relationships
            3. Hispanic social customs
            4. Mexican food and Spanish food
            5. Mexican art
            6. Spanish proverbs and songs
          B. Extensive (for overall comprehension)
            1. Geograpic narratives
            2. Journalistic readings
        III. Writing Skills: Grammar Structure
            A. Written exercises
              1. Regular verbs in present tense: "-ar", "-er", "-ir"
              2. Irregular verbs in present tense
              3. Questions and answers
              4. Nouns and adjectives
              5. Idioms: "tener" and "hacer"
              6. "Ser" vs "estar"
              7. "Saber" vs "conocer"
              8. Present progressive tense
              9. Personal "a"
              10. Contractions
              11. Stem-changing verbs in present, preterit and present progressive tenses
              12. Possessive adjectives and pronouns
              13. Numbers 1-1,000,000
              14. Dates
              15. Telling time
              16. Regular verbs in preterit tense: "-ar", "-er", "-ir"
              17. Irregular verbs in preterit tenses
            B. Written compositions
              1. Autobiographical
              2. Biographical
              3. Description of a place
              4. Dialogue
              5. Summary of reading selections
              6. Report of personal daily experiences
          IV. Listening Skills
              A. Taped, or live presentations of dialogues
              B. Television advertisements in Spanish
              C. News programs in Spanish
              D. Dictations
              E. Responses to stories read aloud
              F. Hispanic folk songs
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