Maricopa Community Colleges  RUS102AA   19946-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/26/94
RUS102AA 19946-99999 L+L 4 Credit(s) 5 Period(s)
Elementary Russian II
Continued study of grammar and vocabulary, with emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing skills. Prerequisites: RUS101 or departmental approval.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
RUS102AA   19946-99999 Elementary Russian II
1. Apply vowel mutation rules. (I)
2. Write nouns in all genders in all six cases of the plural. (II)
3. Write adjectives in all genders in all six cases of the singular and plural. (II)
4. Translate participles from Russion to English. (II)
5. Form simple sentences in all tenses (present, past, and future). (II, III)
6. Convert simple sentences into compound sentences using a relative pronoun and its attending clause. (III)
7. Answer oral questions formed from simple sentences. (III)
8. Use selected Russian words and phrases orally and in writing. (IV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
RUS102AA   19946-99999 Elementary Russian II
    I. Vowel mutation rules
      II. Grammar
          A. Nouns
            1. Feminine nouns with masculine meaning
            2. Adjectives used as nouns
            3. Unusual prepositional ending "y"
            4. Insert vowels (+o, +e)
            5. Nouns after cardinal numbers 5-12
            6. Partitive genitive
            7. Genitive for direct object of negative verbs
            8. Predicate instrumental with "to be"
            9. Unusual nominative plural forms
            10. Complete plural declension
          B. Verbs
            1. Aspects
            2. Verbs of locomotion - present tense
            3. Perfective verb prefix
            4. Participles
            5. Endings
            6. Impersonal third person plural
            7. Reflexive verbs
          C. Adjective
            1. Complete attributive hard declension
            2. Complete attributive soft declension
            3. Complete possessive declension
            4. Complete possessive interrogatives (whose) declension
            5. Complete subject related pronoun adjectives declensions
            6. Comparative forms
            7. Superlative forms
            8. Interrogatives
            9. Adjectives after cardinal numbers 5-12
          D. Pronouns
            1. Complete relative pronoun
            2. Personal pronouns
              a. Complete declension
              b. Prefix "H"
          E. Adverbs
            1. Time expressions
            2. Adverbs used with imperfective verbs
          F. Prepositions
            1. Accusative
            2. Instrumental
            3. Dative
            4. Genitive
          G. Emphatic
        III. Syntax
            A. Word order with relative clauses
            B. Oral drill
          IV. Vocabulary
              A. Days of the week
              B. Time expression
              C. Numbers
                1. Approximation
                2. Cardinal numbers 5-12
              D. Months
              E. Ordinal numbers 1st through 14th
              F. Proverbs
                1. He who reads a lot learns a lot
                2. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today
                3. Friends are thieves of time
                4. Nothing is achieved without work
                5. One swallow doesn't make it spring
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