Maricopa Community Colleges  MKT109   19936-19945 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 02/23/93
MKT109 19936-19945 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Introduction to Fashion Merchandising
Explores fashion industry, fundamentals of merchandising apparel, consumers influence on demand and marketing activities. Prerequisites: None.
Cross-References: TEC109
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
MKT109   19936-19945 Introduction to Fashion Merchandising
1. Describe the vocabulary, components, and intangible elements of fashion, and the basic principles relating to fashion and its movement. (I)
2. Describe the economic, political, and historical factors which influence the changing pattern of fashion. (I)
3. Explain the marketing process as it relates to the various industries involved in marketing fashion goods. (II)
4. Describe the organization and operation of the fashion industries, their major market centers, the merchandising activities they engage in, and the trends that indicate what their future may be. (II)
5. Explain how achieving the five rights of merchandising (merchandise, time, price, place, and quantities) lead to profitable merchandising of fashion goods. (III)
6. Describe the essential activities involved in retail merchandising of fashion goods: planning, buying, selling, funding store's operating expenses, and achieving a reasonable profit. (III)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
MKT109   19936-19945 Introduction to Fashion Merchandising
    I. The dynamics of fashion
        A. The nature of fashion
        B. Environmental influence
        C. Fashion interest and demand
        D. Movement of fashion
        E. Fashion leaders and followers
      II. Marketers of fashion
          A. Materials of fashion
          B. Textile fibers and fabrics
          C. Leather and fur
          D. Manufacturers of women's apparel
          E. Children's fashion apparel
          F. Manufacturers of menswear
          G. Manufacturers of fashion accessories
          H. Foreign fashion market centers
          I. Retail distributors of fashion
        III. Retail merchandising of fashion
            A. Interpreting customer demand
            B. The dollar merchandise plan
            C. Planning the fashion merchandise assortment
            D. Controlling fashion assortments: unit control
            E. Controlling fashion assortments: inventory control
            F. Selecting and buying fashion merchandise
            G. Promoting fashions: advertising and display
            H. Promoting fashions: publicity and personal selling
            I. Fashion coordination
            J. Developing a fashion image
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