Maricopa Community Colleges  SPA202   19916-19965 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/23/91
SPA202 19916-19965 LEC 4 Credit(s) 4 Period(s)
Intermediate Spanish II
Review of grammar, continued development of Spanish language skills with continued study of the Spanish-speaking cultures. Prerequisites: SPA201 or departmental approval.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
SPA202   19916-19965 Intermediate Spanish II
1. Use perfect tense verbs in Spanish. (I)
2. Use and contrast imperfect/pluperfect subjunctive verb tenses in Spanish. (I)
3. Identify and use indicative/subjunctive moods in Spanish. (II)
4. Identify and use demonstative, long-form possessive, and relative pronouns in Spanish. (III)
5. Identify and use demonstrative, long-form possessive, and past participle adjectives in Spanish. (IV)
6. Use regular/irregular comparisons of equality and inequality. (V)
7. Use superlative and absolute superlatives in Spanish. (VI)
8. Use "por" and "para" correctly in Spanish. (VII)
9. Use appropriate prepositions with verbs. (VII)
10. Use "y", "o", "e", and "u" correctly in Spanish. (VIII)
11. Read about and discuss cultural diversities of Hispanic societies. (IX)
12. Read and discuss literary works of major Hispanic writers. (IX)
13. Read and discuss journalistic articles from Spanish language periodicals. (IX)
14. Write compositions on personal experiences, cultural values, and literary/journalistic articles in Spanish. (X)
15. Identify and use Spanish idiomatic expressions in compositions. (X)
16. Discuss topics of special interest to student, literary passages, and current events in Spanish. (XI)
17. Paraphrase Spanish readings and lectures. (XI)
18. Discuss selected Spanish language musical selections. (XI)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
SPA202   19916-19965 Intermediate Spanish II
    I. Verbs
        A. Perfect tenses
        B. Imperfect/pluperfect subjunctive verb tenses
      II. Moods
          A. Indicative
          B. Subjunctive
        III. Pronouns
            A. Demonstrative
            B. Long-form possessive
            C. Relative
          IV. Adjectives
              A. Demonstrative
              B. Long-form possessive
            V. Comparisons of equality/inequality
              VI. Superlatives and absolute superlatives
                VII. Prepositions
                    A. Por/para
                    B. Using prepositions and verbs
                  VIII. Conjunctions
                    IX. Readings
                        A. Cultural
                        B. Literary
                        C. Journalistic
                      X. Writing
                          A. Compositions
                          B. Idiomatic expressions
                        XI. Oral participation
                            A. Discussions
                              1. Culture
                              2. Current events
                              3. Interpersonal communication
                            B. Paraphrase
                              1. Readings
                              2. Lectures
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