Maricopa Community Colleges  SPA201   19916-19965 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/23/91
SPA201 19916-19965 LEC 4 Credit(s) 4 Period(s)
Intermediate Spanish I
Review of essential grammar of the Spanish language and study of the Spanish-speaking cultures and continued practice and development of reading, writing, and speaking skills. Emphasis on fluency and accuracy in spoken Spanish. Prerequisites: SPA102 or two years of high school Spanish, or departmental approval.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
SPA201   19916-19965 Intermediate Spanish I
1. Use all present tense verbs: regular, irregular, and stem-changing. (I)
2. Ask and answer questions in Spanish using present, preterit, imperfect, future, conditional, and compound tenses. (I)
3. Use present perfect, pluperfect, future perfect, and conditional perfect tenses in Spanish. (I)
4. Use and contrast preterit/imperfect tenses in Spanish. (I)
5. Use and contrast "ser" and "estar" verbs. (I)
6. Use reflexive verbs in Spanish. (I)
7. Form and use direct and indirect commands in Spanish. (I)
8. Use present subjunctive constructions in Spanish. (I)
9. Use Spanish definite and indefinite articles correctly. (II)
10. Use subject, direct, indirect, and double object pronouns in Spanish. (III)
11. Use demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in Spanish. (III, IV)
12. Identify and use descriptive and short-form possessive adjectives in Spanish. (IV)
13. Use negative and indefinite word constructions in Spanish. (V)
14. Pronounce Spanish using correct intonation, accents, and stress. (VI)
15. Form and ask direct and indirect questions and exclamations in Spanish. (VII)
16. Read about and describe customs and culture of Hispanic societies. (VIII)
17. Read and discuss major Hispanic writers. (VIII)
18. Read and discuss journalistic articles from major Hispanic periodicals. (VIII)
19. Write compositions in Spanish. (IX)
20. Take dictation in Spanish. (IX)
21. Discuss current events topics dealing with the Hispanic world. (X)
22. Watch and discuss Spanish-language movies and radio/television programs. (X)
23. Identify geography and cultural diversities of Hispanic countries, people, and customs. (X)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
SPA201   19916-19965 Intermediate Spanish I
    I. Verbs
        A. Present tense
          1. Regular
          2. Irregular
          3. Stem-changing
        B. Future tense
        C. Conditional tense
        D. Compound tense
        E. Perfect tenses
        F. Preterit/imperfect contrast
        G. "ser"/"estar" contrast
        H. Reflexive verbs
        I. Direct/indirect commands
        J. Present subjunctive
      II. Definite/indefinite articles
        III. Pronouns
            A. Subject
            B. Direct
            C. Indirect
            D. Double object
            E. Reflexive
            F. Demonstrative
          IV. Adjectives
              A. Descriptive
              B. Short-form possessive
              C. Demonstrative
            V. Negative and indefinite words
              VI. Pronunciation
                  A. Syllable division
                  B. Stress patterns
                  C. Accents
                VII. Interrogatives/exclamations
                    A. Yes/no questions
                    B. Information questions
                    C. Indirect questions
                    D. Exclamations
                  VIII. Readings
                      A. Culture
                      B. Literary
                      C. Journalistic
                    IX. Writing
                        A. Compositions
                        B. Dictations
                      X. Hispanic culture
                          A. People
                          B. Geography
                          C. Customs
                          D. Current events
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