Maricopa Community Colleges  MTC192   19916-19995 
Official Course Description:   MCCCD Approval:  02/26/91  
MTC192      19916-19995 L+L 3 Credit(s) 4 Period(s)
Electronic Music II
Continued study of the production of music with Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) configurations. Emphasis on more complex configurations and their applications in song arrangements. Prerequisites: MTC191.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
MTC192   19916-19995 Electronic Music II
1. Utilize advanced software and synthesizer editing features. (I)
2. Use editor/librarians and assemble custom patch banks. (II)
3. Develop complex musical arrangements. (II, III)
4. Utilize rhythm machines and other compatible MIDI equipment in song projects. (III)
5. Edit drum patches. (III)
6. Examine patch design and editing. (II, III, IV)
7. Utilize complex MIDI functions and configurations. (IV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
MTC192   19916-19995 Electronic Music II
    I. Song data entry from computer and synthesizer keyboards
        A. Composition software
          1. Song data entry
          2. Print complete scores and parts
        B. Advanced sequencing techniques
          1. Memory shuttle, looping, event chasing
          2. System exclusive, system control
          3. Quantize
          4. Transposition
          5. Chunking
          6. Mapping
            a. Tempo
            b. Key
            c. Meter
      II. Editor/Librarians
          A. Patch editing
          B. Create custom patch banks
          C. Use in song arrangements
        III. Rhythm machine
            A. Basic programming techniques
            B. Patch editing
            C. Use drum patterns in data entry
            D. Include drum patterns in song projects
          IV. Multiple machine MIDI setups for song projects
              A. Project which include
                1. Custom patch banks
                2. System exclusive messages
                3. Advanced sequencing techniques
              B. Performance of projects in stereo
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