Maricopa Community Colleges  PED115   19906-19955 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 03/27/90
PED115 19906-19955 L+L 2 Credit(s) 4 Period(s)
Fitness Center
Orientation to the fitness center. Fitness assessment to determine individualized program. Workout includes warm up, aerobic exercise, selected body parts machines, and cool down. May be repeated for credit. A maximum of eight (8) credits may count toward degree requirements. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
PED115   19906-19955 Fitness Center
1. Measure resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, and the target heart rate training zone. (I)
2. Describe basic concept of exercise programming, including frequency, duration, intensity, progression and mode of exercise. (I)
3. Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic exercises. (I)
4. Explain the components of an individualized exercise program: assessment, warm-up, aerobic exercise, body parts, and cool down. (I)
5. Describe and follow policies and procedures of the fitness center. (I, II)
6. Explain the difference between supercircuit training and traditional weight training. (I)
7. Perform exercise lift on weight machines in order to determine training weight to individualize the program. (II)
8. Perform the supercircuit with correct form in the designated time period. (III)
9. Monitor exercise heart rate. (III)
10. Use selected body parts machines effectively. (III)
11. Describe the components of wellness and participate in activities that promote the components of wellness. (IV)
12. Interpret the results of pre and post assessments. (V)
13. Develop personal program for maintenance of ideal body composition flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and blood pressure. (I-V)
14. Demonstrate self confidence and self esteem as a result of participating in fitness and wellness activities. (I-V)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
PED115   19906-19955 Fitness Center
    I. Orientation
        A. Explanation of total program
        B. Basic fitness concepts
        C. Aerobic vs. anaerobic exercise
        D. Measurement of heart rate
          1. Resting heart rate
          2. Exercise heart rate
          3. Target heart rate training zone
        E. Components of an individualized program
          1. Assessment
          2. Warm-up
          3. Super circuit
          4. Aerobic exercise equipment
          5. Body parts machines
          6. Cool down
        F. Dealing with anxiety over assessment
        G. Center policies and procedures
        H. Explanation of computer printout
        I. Equipment
          1. Super circuit
          2. Body parts machines
          3. Aerobic exercise equipment
        J. Exercise prescription
          1. Frequency
          2. Duration
          3. Intensity
          4. Mode
            a. Types of machines
            b. Purpose of each machine
          5. Progression
      II. Pre-assessment
          A. Medical history
          B. Blood pressure (145/90 screens out until doctor's approval)
          C. Skin folds
          D. Infrared testing method
          E. Modified Harvard Step Test (12", 3 minute submaximal effort)
          F. Flexibility (sit and reach test)
          G. Maximum one-time lift on machine
            1. Super circuit
            2. Body parts machine
          H. Body weight
          I. Picture and I.D. card
        III. Exercise program (Sequence of events students will follow)
            A. First visit:
              1. Pick up computer exercise printout
              2. Present I.D. card for bar code scanning
            B. Warm-up area
              1. Stretch
              2. Aerobic exercise activity; build toward target heart rate
              3. Check exercise heart reate with pace clock
            C. Super circuit
              1. One super circuit for beginners
              2. Work up to two or three circuits
            D. Aerobic exercise
              1. Minimum of 15 minutes, continuous exercise
            E. Body parts machine
              1. Selection by individual choice
              2. Proper weight selection, depending on personal goals
            F. Cool-down area
              1. Aerobic exercise activity; descending toward resting heart rate
              2. Check heart rate with pace clock
              3. Stretch
            G. Completion of class
              1. Present I.D. card for bar code scanning
              2. Leave towel
          IV. Fitness/wellness education
              A. Lecture topics
                1. Exercise
                2. Nutrition
                3. Stress management
              B. Fitness facts
              C. Optional textbook assignments
              D. Health/fitness videos
              E. Fitness/wellness resources
                1. Brochures
                2. Handouts
                3. Other
            V. Post test (Procedure for students to follow)
                A. Retest on all pre test assessments
                B. Computer printout compares results with pre test
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