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Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  6-26-2012

MUC138  2012 Summer II - 9999

LAB  1.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  2.4 Load  Occ


Disc Jockey Laboratory

Operation, scope, roles and responsibilities in the commercial music production process.

Prerequisites or Corequisites: MUC135.


Course Notes: MUC138 may be repeated for a total of six (6) credit hours.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



MUC138  2012 Summer II - 9999

Disc Jockey Laboratory


1.         Effectively use Disc Jockey tools, e.g. monitors, mixers, CD players, turntables, etc. (I, II)

2.         Demonstrate effective work skills in collaborative groups. (II, III)

3.         Upload and retrieve archived and stored mixes. (II, III)

4.         Design and implement professional quality music mixes for Disc Jockey events. (III)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



MUC138  2012 Summer II - 9999

Disc Jockey Laboratory


I.          Disc Jockey Systems

            A.        Overview

            B.        Types

                        1.         Analog

                        2.         Digital

II.        Hardware and Software

            A.        Turntables

            B.        Mixers

            C.        Microphones

            D.        Headphones

            E.         Laptop Computer

            F.         Software

III.       Disc Jockey Techniques

            A.        Scratch

            B.        Radio mixes

                        1.         Drops

                        2.         Voice-overs

                        3.         Times

                        4.         Title and artist information


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