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Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  4-24-2012

MUC240  2012 Summer I - 9999

LEC  4.0 Credit(s)  5.0 Period(s)  4.7 Load  Occ


Creative Music Production

Operation, scope, roles and responsibilities in the commercial music production process. Focuses on creative aspects of commercial music production, including song selection, realization of artistic vision, studio selection, musician and vocal staff selection, coaching for optimal performance, analyzing song structure and sound quality and trouble-shooting problems in the overall artistic impression of the finished music product. Lab work includes creation and execution of a finished professional-quality music production.

Prerequisites: [(MTC101 and MTC103) or (MTC105 and MTC106)], and (MTC192, MUC112, and MUC295), or permission of Instructor.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



MUC240  2012 Summer I - 9999

Creative Music Production


1.         Analyze current and historical trends in creative music production. (I, II)

2.         Identify the major music producers in the commercial music industry in history and today. (I, II)

3.         Examine the essential participants in the creative Music Production process in Commercial Music. (III)

4.         Appraise the roles and responsibilities of music producers. (IV)

5.         Design and create a finished professional-quality music production production. (IV)

6.         Create a plan for a successful music production. (IV, V, VI, VII, VIII)

7.         Formulate Producer goals and requirements for pre-production planning. (V, VI)

8.         Compare and contrast strong vs.        weak song content and structure. (VI)

9.         Determine the key skills and techniques required to create a successful music production. (VII, VIII)

10.       Describe the process for delivering the Master Recording. (IX)


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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



MUC240  2012 Summer I - 9999

Creative Music Production


I.          History of Commercial Music Production

            A.        Key producers

            B.        Evolution of sonic techniques and creative themes

II.        Overview of Current Trends  in Commercial Music Production

            A.        Key producers

            B.        Popular production treatments

III.       Essential Participants in the Creative Music Production Process

            A.        Artists

            B.        Producers

            C.        Arrangers

            D.        Studio musicians

            E.         Vocalists

            F.         Engineers

IV.       Creative Roles and Responsibilities of Commercial Music Producers

            A.        Facilitating creative vision of a music production

            B.        Working with creative team

            C.        Pre-production planning

            D.        Project leadership

            E.         Delivering a finished master recording

V.        Identifying a successful song

            A.        Emotional content

            B.        Storyline and themes

            C.        Analysis of existing songs

VI.       Pre-Production

            A.        Understanding the artist's identity and vision

                        1.         Influences and preferences

                        2.         Repertoire

                        3.         Long-term goals

            B.        Analyzing the artist's strengths and limitations

            C.        Song selection

            D.        Guiding production rehearsals

            E.         Studio selection

            F.         Gear

                        1.         Analysis of types

                        2.         Rental requirements

            G.        Staff selection

                        1.         Engineers

                        2.         Arrangers

                        3.         Additional musicians

                        4.         Vocalists

VII.     Leadership in the Studio

            A.        Professional skills of a successful music producer

                        1.         Musical ear

                        2.         Vision and innovation

                        3.         Communication and diplomacy

                        4.         Flexibility and open attitude

                        5.         Accountability

            B.        Coaching for optimal performance

            C.        Working with engineers

                        1.         Recording engineers

                        2.         Mixing engineers

                        3.         Mastering engineers

                        D.        Working with record labels and artist management

VIII.    Music Production Mechanics

            A.        Analysis of song structure

                        1.         Emotional storyline

                        2.         Lyrics and composition

                        3.         Song forms

            B.        Arrangement

            C.        Dynamics and intensity

            D.        Tempo and grooves

            E.         Vocal performance

            F.         Editing process

            G.        Analysis of recording

                        1.         Key considerations for producers about recording techniques

                        2.         Key considerations for producers in troubleshooting recording issues

            H.        Analysis of production

                        1.         Key considerations for producers about production techniques

                        2.         Key considerations for producers in troubleshooting production issues

IX.       Project Completion

            A.        Planning and creating a music production project

            B.        Delivering the master recording


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