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Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  3-27-2012

MUC210  2012 Summer I - 9999

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  0.0 Load  Occ


Advanced Industry Topics: Concert Promotion and Touring

Operation, scope, and career opportunities in the music business. Focuses on advanced aspects of concert promotion, touring and festival production. Areas of focus include marketing, planning, operations, talent buying, and budgeting for profitable and successful music-performance stage shows.

Prerequisites: MUC109 or permission of Instructor or Department or Division Chair.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



MUC210  2012 Summer I - 9999

Advanced Industry Topics: Concert Promotion and Touring


1.         Analyze current trends and issues affecting the Concert, Tour and Festival Industry. (I)

2.         Identify the major stakeholders in the Industry today. (II)

3.         Identify the roles and responsibilities of professionals in Touring and Concert Promotion. (III)

4.         Differentiate between Venues, Event Types, Agencies and Markets. (IV, V, VI, VII)

5.         Explain and organize the complete process for creating a successful live music event. (VIII)

6.         Describe the financial management and capitalization of live music events. (IX)


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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



MUC210  2012 Summer I - 9999

Advanced Industry Topics: Concert Promotion and Touring


I.          Industry Overview

            A.     Revenue trends

            B.     Highest Grossing Music Events- Heritage Tours, etc.

            C.     Industry Research and Analysis-

                     1.      Customer Analysis- market segmentation of live music consumers

                     2.      The key trades, research subscriptions, data sources, radio and conferences

II.        Top Companies in the Industry

            A.     Talent Agents

            B.     Promoters

            C.     Venues

            D.     Top Grossing Artists

III.       Roles in Concert Promotion and Touring: Definitions and Responsibilities

            A.     Marketing and Promotion

                     1.      Tour Relations/Promotions Manager

                     2.      College Marketing Representative

                     3.      Touring Publicist

            B.     On Tour/Road

                     1.      Tour Manager

                     2.      Road Manager

                     3.      Road crew

                     4.      Merchandiser

                     5.      Sound Technician

                     6.      Production Manager

            C.     Concert Promotion

                     1.      Concert Promoter

                     2.      Publicist

                     3.      Promotions Assistant

                     4.      Production Assistant

            D.     Venue

                     1.      Talent Buyer

                     2.      Venue Manager

                     3.      Production Manager

                     4.      Sound Tech

                     5.      Beverage Manager/Concessions

                     6.      Security

            E.      Booking

                     1.      Talent Agent

                     2.      Talent Assistant

IV.       Market Opportunities

            A.     Local

            B.     Regional

            C.     National

            D.     International

            E.      College

V.        Working with Talent/Booking Agencies

            A.     Large vs. Small

            B.     Influence

            C.     Contracts

            D.     Territory

            E.      Compensation

VI.       Event Types

            A.     Single events

            B.     Residency

            C.     Vertical vs. Horizontal

            D.     Tours

            E.      Festivals

VII.     Venue Types

            A.     Clubs

            B.     Colleges

            C.     Coffee shops

            D.     Halls

            E.      Stadiums

            F.      Outdoor Venues

VIII.    Preparations and Logistics

            A.     Planning

            B.     Pitching

            C.     Scheduling and/or Routing

            D.     Promoting/Marketing

            E.      Advancing the performance

            F.      Selling/Ticketing

IX.       Financial Management

            A.     Budgeting

            B.     Financing/Investors

            C.     Types of deals

                     1.      Flat Fee

                     2.      Door Deal

                     3.      Split

                     4.      Versus

            D.     Performance Contracts

            E.      Rider considerations

            F.      Cancellations

            G.     Offer Considerations

                     1.      Ticket Price

                     2.      Capacity of Venue

                     3.      Guarantees

                     4.      Number of shows

                     5.      Overhead

                     6.      Promoter Profit

                     7.      Split Point

            H.     Additional Revenue Streams

            I.       Settlement


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