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Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  6-22-2010

MUC211  2010 Fall – 2012 Spring

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Occ


Advanced Industry Topics: Artist Management and Development

Operation, scope, and career opportunities in the music business. Focus on advanced aspects of artist management and development. Include roles and responsibilities of an Artist Manager, the nature and structure of the relationship between an Artist and Artist Manager, and the development of business, and career management techniques for Artist Managers.

Prerequisites: MUC109 or permission of Instructor or Department or Division Chair.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



MUC211  2010 Fall – 2012 Spring

Advanced Industry Topics: Artist Management and Development


1.         Describe the Artist Manager’s function. (I)

2.         Develop strategic plans for the Artists’ career. (II)

3.         Identify the tools and techniques for Artist career development. (III)

4.         Describe the process of creative coaching for talent development. (III)

5.         Identify the business case and timelines for hiring ancillary team members and contractors. (IV)

6.         Identify the guidelines and requirements for hiring ancillary team members and contractors. (IV)

7.         Describe the financial management and capitalization of the Artists’ career. (V)

8.         Develop a plan for a career path as an Artist Manager. (V)


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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



MUC211  2010 Fall – 2012 Spring

Advanced Industry Topics: Artist Management and Development


I.          Overview of an Artist Manager’s Function

            A.     Discover and nurture talent

            B.     Develop professional network

            C.     Obtain career opportunities for the Artist

            D.     Develop revenue streams for the Artist

II.        Develop Strategic Plans for the Artists’ Career

            A.     Business Planning

            B.     Marketing Plan

            C.     Media Plan

            D.     Event and Tour Plans

III.       Build the Artists’ Career

            A.     Networking

            B.     Create Database and provide Customer/Fan Relationship Management

            C.     Develop Press and Marketing Materials

                     1.      Bio

                     2.      Photos

                     3.      Interviews

                     4.      Demos

            D.     Provide Guidance & Coaching

                     1.      Image

                     2.      Sound

            E.      Brand Experience

            F.      Additional Education

            G.     Solicit Opportunities

            H.     Analyze Contracts

IV.       Establish a Professional Team

            A.     When and who to hire:

            B.     Attorney

            C.     Publicist

            D.     Booking Agent(s)

            E.      Tour Manager

            F.      Marketing and Technology Teams

            G.     Producer(s)

            H.     Business Manager/Investment Advisor

            I.       Accountant

            J.       Stylist

            K.     Photographer

V.        Financial Management of the Artists’ Career

            A.     Understand Finance Essentials

            B.     Develop Budget

            C.     Oversee Accounting

            D.     Control Expenses

            E.      Develop multiple revenue streams

            F.      Capital investments

            G.     Help hire and manage Business Manager/CPA/Investment advisor(s)

            H.     Entity Structuring/Tax advantages


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