Maricopa Community Colleges  NET272   20044-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/27/04
NET272 20044-99999 L+L 3 Credit(s) 4 Period(s)
Microcomputer Maintenance II: A+ Prep
Advanced technical aspects of maintaining and servicing microcomputers. Emphasis placed on installation, periodic maintenance, diagnosis, and problem resolution of microcomputer systems, motherboards, memory, storage devices, and network communication devices. Use of software diagnostic and utility tools. Prerequisites: NET271 or BPC170 with grade of "C" or better, or permission of instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
NET272   20044-99999 Microcomputer Maintenance II: A+ Prep
1. Demonstrate the use of diagnostic tools. (I)
2. Detect and resolve power system problems. (II)
3. Identify and resolve interconnection cable problems. (II, III)
4. Demonstrate preventative maintenance of system components. (II, III, V)
5. Detect and resolve motherboard problems. (III)
6. Apply motherboard configuration settings. (III)
7. Choose and install correct memory. (IV)
8. Identify and resolve memory problems. (IV)
9. Install and configure storage devices and controllers. (V)
10. Identify and resolve storage device and controller problems. (V)
11. Install and configure network communication adapters. (VI)
12. Identify and resolve network communication adapter problems. (VI)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
NET272   20044-99999 Microcomputer Maintenance II: A+ Prep
    I. Overview of diagnostic and maintenance techniques
        A. Diagnostic hardware and software
        B. Electrostatic discharge procedures
      II. Power system considerations
          A. Electronics and fundamentals
          B. Power line considerations
          C. Power conditioning devices
          D. Preventative maintenance procedures
          E. Environmental considerations
        III. Motherboard and system configuration
            A. Identification of components
            B. Configuration
            C. CPU upgrades
            D. Diagnostic procedures
            E. Preventative maintenance procedures
          IV. Memory Installation
              A. Evaluate and choose memory
              B. Memory configuration issues
              C. Memory management techniques
              D. Diagnose memory problems
            V. Storage devices
                A. Hard disk drives
                B. CD-Rom and other drives
                C. Storage controllers
                D. Installation and diagnostic procedures
                E. Preventative maintenance procedures
              VI. Network interface cards
                  A. Evaluation
                  B. Installation
                  C. Configuration
                  D. Diagnose network adapter problems
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