Maricopa Community Colleges  WLD103   20036-20052 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 03/25/03

WLD103  20036-20052


3 Credit(s)

5 Period(s)

Basic Blacksmithing and Metal Shaping

Selection and safe use of blacksmithing and metal shaping tools and equipment. Material selection and conditioning, practical forging techniques, metal shaping experience, and finishing processes. Prerequisites: None.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



WLD103  20036-20052

Basic Blacksmithing and Metal Shaping



Explain and demonstrate safety practices for operating equipment and tools used in blacksmithing and metal shaping. (I)


Explain and demonstrate practices and techniques used in basic blacksmithing and metal shaping. (II-IX)


Use basic equipment to produce typical wrought iron products. (II-IX)


Perform basic metal shaping processes. (II-IX)


Explain and demonstrate different finishing processes for metals. (IX)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



WLD103   20036-20052

Basic Blacksmithing and Metal Shaping



I. Safety

II. Modern Blacksmith

III. Materials, Properties, and Heat Treating of Metals

A. Iron

B. Steel

C. Non-ferrous: brass, bronze, copper, aluminum

IV. Forge

A. Types and construction

B. Safe lighting of the forge

V. Anvil

A. Placement mounting

B. Parts and uses

C. Tools

1. Hammers

2. Tongs

3. Punches

4. Chisels

5. Shears

VI. Forging Exercises

A. Straightening

B. Squaring

C. Tapering

D. Upsetting

E. Bends

1. Right angles

2. Curves

F. Offsets

G. Twisting

H. Peening

I. Piercing

J. Heading

VII. Shaping Metal

A. Shrinking

B. Stretching

C. Rolling

D. Bending (brakes)

E. Edges

F. Sand bag

G. Planshing

VIII. Fasteners

A. Mechanical

1. Bolts and screws

2. Rivets

3. Hems

B. Adhesives

1. Cohesive

2. Adhesive

C. Welding

1. Fusion welding

2. Brazing

3. Soldering

4. Resistance

5. Friction

IX. Finishing Processes

A. Temper colors

B. Peening

C. Blasting shot and abrasive

D. Plating

E. Painting


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