Maricopa Community Colleges  MUC295AA   20026-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 05/28/02
MUC295AA 20026-99999 LEC 1 Credit(s) 1 Period(s)
Self Promotion for Music
Career goal development. Includes self-presentation and communication skills, keeping files and records, and developing self-promotional materials. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
MUC295AA   20026-99999 Self Promotion for Music
1. Evaluate appropriateness of personal goals and objectives to the market needs. (I, II, VI)
2. Develop a self-promotion package, including a resume and business correspondence materials. (III, VI)
3. Apply communication skills for employment interviews and in marketing songs, recordings, and performances. (IV, VII)
4. Apply basic procedures of recordkeeping and keeping a tax file. (V)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
MUC295AA   20026-99999 Self Promotion for Music
    I. Goals
        A. Music skills vs. the marketplace
        B. Personal expectations
      II. The Marketplace
          A. Targeting the market
            1. Market for one's skills
            2. New directions
              a. Unusual markets
              b. Alternative markets
          B. Resources
            1. References
            2. Contacts
              a. Personnel
              b. Networks
        III. Self-presentation A. Logos: preparing a logo for cards, brochures B. Business cards: personal calling card C. Self-promo postcards and brochures D. Preparing a resume E. Writing a press release F. Writing a que
          IV. Communication Skills A. Setting up interviews B. Criticism
                1. Learning to deal with criticism and suggestions
                2. Reworking a project
                3. Listening to the client
            V. Files and Recordkeeping
                A. Creating a mailing list and client file
                B. Personal calendar: events, interviews, meetings
                C. Tax file: supplies, expenses, sales
              VI. Developing a Personal Promotional Campaign
                VII. Troubleshooting
                    A. Pitfalls, problem areas, and roadblocks
                    B. Finding solutions or alternatives
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