Maricopa Community Colleges  MUC295   20024-20042 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 12/11/01
MUC295 20024-20042 L+L 3 Credit(s) 6 Period(s)
Studio Music Recording III
Producing and engineering a recording project. Covers how recording studios work and how recording projects are organized from pre-production through delivery of the final mix. Prerequisites: (MUC195 or MUC195AA) or MUC196 and instructor approval.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
MUC295   20024-20042 Studio Music Recording III
1. Schedule musicians and studio time and necessary assistants to make the session a success. (I)
2. Organize a pre-production plan that includes listening to the song, choosing the proper microphones, creating an input list, drawing a diagram of instrument (musician) layout, and planning a track allocation sheet. (II)
3. Engineer the session, starting with the basic tracks, overdubbing further instrumentation, and finally mixing the product with effects. (III)
4. Record the mix onto the desired media, make copies, and recommend mastering options. (IV
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
MUC295   20024-20042 Studio Music Recording III
    I. Scheduling
        A. Musicians
        B. Studio
        C. Recording
      II. Pre-production
          A. The song
          B. Microphone selection
          C. Input list
          D. Musician layout
          E. Track allocation
        III. Engineering
            A. Basic tracks
            B. Overdubs
            C. Mixdown
          IV. Product
              A. Copies
              B. Mastering
              C. Finalizing the agreement
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