Maricopa Community Colleges  SPA101AA   20006-99999 

Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  05-23-00

SPA101AA  2000 Fall – 2009 Summer II


4.0 Credit(s)

5.0 Period(s)

Elementary Spanish I

Basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the Spanish language. Includes the study of the Spanish-speaking cultures. Practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Prerequisites: None.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


SPA101AA  2000 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Elementary Spanish I



Define vocabulary, and identify various sentence structures. (I, II, III, IV)


Derive meaning from the auditory context. (I)


Demonstrate correct pronunciation and intonation of Spanish words. (II)


Describe self and others. (II)


Provide and obtain basic information about events that happen, are happening, and are going to happen. (II)


Use basic expressions of courtesy. (II)


Read and explain meaning from a written Spanish text that contains learned vocabulary where context and/or background knowledge are supportive. (III)


Write a composition in Spanish of at least 100 words applying principles of vocabulary and structure. (IV)


Use the Spanish writing system. (IV)


Identify geographical areas of the Hispanic world. (V)


Identify customs commonly found in the Hispanic world. (V


Describe experiences with Hispanic presence in the student’s community. (V)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


SPA101AA  2000 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Elementary Spanish I


I. Listening Skills

A. Narratives

B. Dialogues

C. Songs

II. Speaking Skills

A. Spanish pronunciation and intonation

B. Vocabulary and sentence structures

C. Oral communication about various topics

1. Self

2. Others

3. College

4. Family

5. Career

6. Travel

7. Work

8. Shopping

9. Restaurant

D. Oral presentations

III. Reading Skills

A. Short narratives

B. Realia

C. Internet sources

D. Other text

IV. Writing Skills

A. Spanish writing system

1. Orthography, including accent marks

2. Punctuation

3. Syntax

B. Grammatical structure

1. Verbs

a. Present tense

b. Present progressive

c. Near future (ir a + inf.)

d. Other verb forms as deemed necessary

e. Ser vs. estar

f. Saber vs. conocer

g. Pedir vs. preguntar

2. Nouns: gender and number

3. Adjectives and articles

4. Pronouns

5. Numerals

6. Telling time

7. Days of the week and months

8. Negation

C. Written composition

V. Culture

A. Geography

B. Customs

C. Community

D. Nonverbal communication



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