Maricopa Community Colleges  HCR240AB  19996-19996 

Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  12/14/99  

HCR240AB     19996-19996


2 Credit(s)

2 Period(s)

Human Pathophysiology II

Continuation of HCR240AA Human Pathophysiology I. Emphasis on the physiologic and biological manifestations of disease. Includes concepts in the sciences and explores how alterations in structure and function disrupts the human body as a whole. Prerequisites: HCR240AA.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



HCR240AB  19996-19996

Human Pathophysiology II



Describe specific alterations of the hematological system. (I)


Describe specific alterations of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. (II)


Explain select disorders of the gastrointestinal system. (III)


Explain specific functional disorders of the renal and urologic systems. (IV)


Describe specific alterations of the neurological system. (V)


Describe specific alterations of the endocrine system that impacts growth and metabolism. (VI)


Describe specific alterations that impact the structure and function of the reproductive system. (VII)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



HCR240AB  19996-19996

Human Pathophysiology II



I. Alterations in Hemopoietic Function

A. Alterations in homeostasis

B. Alterations in oxygen transport

C. Disorders of white blood cells and lymphoid tissue

II. Alterations in Circulatory Function

A. Alterations in blood flow

B. Alterations in blood pressure

C. Alterations in cardiac function

D. Heart failure and shock

E. Disorders of cardiac conduction and rhythm

III. Alterations in Gastrointestinal Function

A. Disorders

1. esophagus

2. stomach

3. small and large intestine

4. peritoneum

B. Hepatobiliary system and exocrine pancreas

IV. Alterations in Renal Function

A. Functional disorders

B. Renal failure

C. Alterations in urinary elimination

V. Alterations in Neurological Function

A. Disorders of brain function

B. Alterations in motor functions

C. Somatosensory function and pain

VI. Alterations in Endocrine Function

A. Alterations in endocrine control of growth and metabolism

B. Diabetes mellitus

VII. Alterations in Reproductive System

A. Alterations structural/function of male genitourinary system

B. Alterations in structure/function of female reproduction

C. Sexually transmitted disease


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