Maricopa Community Colleges  INT175   19976-20045 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/22/97
INT175 19976-20045 L+L 3 Credit(s) 6 Period(s)
Custom Design
Techniques of design and manufacture of case goods and upholstery with an overview of woods, glass, metal, stone, plastics, and other closely related products with related design features. Prerequisites: INT105 and DFT121.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
INT175   19976-20045 Custom Design
1. Describe the impact on the environment associated with the use of each classification of case goods. (I)
2. Identify each type of wood, glass, metal, stone, plastic, and upholstery product and describe the unique qualities of each. (II)
3. Specify various products and techniques used to produce a finished hard or soft case good. (III)
4. Specify various fabrics, products, and techniques used to produce a finished upholstery product. (III)
5. Measure, estimate, and assess window treatments as they relate to practical and aesthetic aspects of an interior. (IV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
INT175   19976-20045 Custom Design
    I. Case Goods
        A. Classification
          1. Hard goods
          2. Soft goods
        B. Environmental Concerns
      II. Types & Qualities of Case Goods
          A. Wood
            1. Lumber
            2. Plywood
            3. Veneer
            4. Moldings
          B. Glass
            1. Stained
            2. Block
            3. Mirror
            4. Etched
          C. Metal
            1. Bronze
            2. Forged iron
          D. Stone
            1. Marble
            2. Granite
            3. Flagstone
          E. Plastics
            1. Laminate
            2. Solid core
            3. Molded
          F. Upholstery
            1. Styles
            2. Fabric
            3. Frame
            4. Filler
        III. Production Specifications & Techniques
            A. Hard goods
              1. Wood
              2. Glass
              3. Metal
              4. Stone
              5. Plastics
            B. Soft goods
              1. Upholstery
              2. Window treatments
          IV. Window Treatments
              A. Measuring , estimating, and assessing
              B. Considerations
                1. Practical
                2. Aesthetic
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