Maricopa Community Colleges  JRN215   19966-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 06/25/96
JRN215 19966-99999 L+L 3 Credit(s) 5 Period(s)
News Production
Writing, editing, and publishing the student newspaper. Emphasis on news judgment, page design, computer pagination, photo usage, headline writing, editorial writing, newsroom management, and legal and ethical considerations. Emphasis may vary according to student goals. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
JRN215   19966-99999 News Production
1. Identify from beat areas the story ideas that are viable for a given audience. (I)
2. Identify and explain the elements of news. (I)
3. Demonstrate an advanced degree of news judgment through the assignment, selection, and placement of news articles. (I)
4. Write, under pressure of deadline, professional copy in multiple newspaper formats (news, feature, editorial, sports, review, and press release), demonstrating a high degree of fairness, accuracy and balance. (II)
5. Write editorial, columns, and opinion pieces which adhere to general accepted principles and campus newspaper policy. (II)
6. Report and write increasingly difficult stories utilizing research techniques and interpretative abilities. (III)
7. Produce stories using the computer. (III)
8. Apply Associated Press style, qualities of good writing, and the elements of news in editing and rewriting stories. (IV)
9. Use quotes and attribution in editing and rewriting. (IV)
10. Write and rewrite leads to attract readers. (IV)
11. Design newspaper pages demonstrating an understanding of typography, design elements, sectional differences, and consistency. (V)
12. Dummy a newspaper page. (V)
13. Apply design techniques and produce newspaper pages using computer software. (VI)
14. Create line art, editorial graphics and illustrations using computer software. (VI)
15. Prepare a photo assignment sheet. (VII)
16. Select, crop, size, and proportion a photo for publication. (VII)
17. Using computer software, crop, size and scan a photo. (VII)
18. Plan photographic coverage for the campus newspaper. (VII)
19. Write headlines to fit space using standard head guidelines. (VIII)
20. Explain how a newspaper operates. (IX)
21. Apply human relations skills in a newspaper setting. (IX)
22. Develop campus newspaper policy through service input to the editorial board. (IX)
23. Produce and circulate a student-oriented line of communication for the campus. (IX)
24. Develop continually changing circulation patterns utilizing experience, marketing, and promotional techniques. (IX)
25. Generate, plan, design, and produce advertising for individual issues of the campus newspaper. (IX)
26. Identify and describe legal and ethical issues that affect both the campus newspaper and professional newspaper. (X, XI)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
JRN215   19966-99999 News Production
    I. What Makes News
        A. Elements
        B. Fairness, accuracy, balance
        C. The beat
        D. Knowing the community
      II. Qualities of Good Writing
          A. News
          B. Feature
          C. Editorial/column
          D. Sports
          E. Critical reviews
          F. Press releases
          G. Deadlines
        III. Reporting
            A. The role of the reporter
              1. As writer
                a. The longer story
                b. Editing
                c. Style
              2. As news gatherer
                a. Ideas
                b. Sources
                c. Beats
                d. Human relations
            B. Gathering information
              1. Library
              2. Computers
              3. Interviews
              4. Documents
              5. Surveys
              6. Press conferences
          IV. Copy Editing
              A. Associated Press style
              B. Rewriting
              C. Leads
              D. Quotes
              E. Attribution
            V. Page Design
                A. Typography
                B. Terminology
                C. Modular
                D. Dummying the page
                E. Consistency
                F. Special problems
              VI. Computer Pagination
                  A. Elements of page design software
                  B. Elements of photo software and scanning
                  C. On-line publishing
                VII. Photo Editing
                    A. Assigning
                    B. Selecting
                    C. Cropping and sizing
                    D. Using computer software
                  VIII. Headlines
                    IX. Newsroom Management
                        A. Newspaper organization
                        B. Job descriptions
                        C. Business of newspapers
                        D. Human relations and communications
                        E. Deadlines
                      X. Legal Considerations
                          A. Libel
                          B. Privacy
                          C. Freedom of Information Act
                        XI. Ethical Considerations
                            A. Sources
                            B. Breaking the law
                            C. Advocacy
                            D. Opinions
                            E. Fairness, accuracy, and balance
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