Maricopa Community Colleges  INT170   19966-19975 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 05/24/94
INT170 19966-19975 L+L 3 Credit(s) 6 Period(s)
Interior Materials: Processes
Practical training in specifications for interior design, including how to present and estimate flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, and furniture covering. Consideration of ethics and professionalism. Prerequisites: INT105 and (INT160 or TEC222). Prerequisites or Corequisites: MAT102 or equivalent.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
INT170   19966-19975 Interior Materials: Processes
1. Describe professional codes, standards, and regulations in the interior design field. (I)
2. Identify the fiber content of most natural and synthetic fabrics. (II)
3. Identify the three basic fabric weaves, as well as a variety of other construction methods used in fabrics. (II)
4. Identify major wallcovering materials. (III)
5. Identify a variety of types and styles of wallcoverings. (III)
6. Measure accurately the rollage needed in wall coverings for given amounts of wall surface. (III)
7. Identify various window types. (IV)
8. List fabrics suitable for window coverings. (IV)
9. Measure and estimate correct yardage for window treatments. (IV)
10. Identify carpet styles in terms of construction and fiber content. (V)
11. Identify appropriate floor coverings for hard surface use. (V)
12. Measure and estimate correct yardage for floor covering. (V)
13. Identify different wood joining techniques. (VI)
14. Measure and estimate yardage for a variety of styles in upholstered furnishings. (VI)
15. Describe the use of fabric protection products. (VII)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
INT170   19966-19975 Interior Materials: Processes
    I. Professional liabilities with regard to specifications
        A. Codes and standards
        B. Fire safety regulations of interior materials
        C. Product testing
      II. Textiles
          A. Fibers (natural)
          B. Fibers (synthetic)
          C. Construction of fabrics
            1. The loom and its parts
            2. The basic weaves
            3. Yarn producing techniques
          D. Finishing techniques of textiles
        III. Wallcovering
            A. History of wallcoverings
            B. Types of wallcovering (rigid and nonrigid)
            C. Measuring and estimating for wallcoverings
          IV. Windows and their decorative treatment
              A. Window styles and their purpose
              B. Window treatment fabrics and their appropriate use
              C. Window treatment styles (hard and soft treatments)
              D. Top treatments
              E. Measuring and estimating for draperies and hard window treatments
            V. Floorcovering
                A. Floorcovering choices for hard surface (resilient and nonresilient)
                B. Measuring and estimating techniques for floorcoverings
              VI. Upholstery
                  A. Basic construction techniques of furniture framing
                  B. Estimating and measuring for reupholstery of furnishings
                VII. Fabric protection products
                    A. Scotchguard
                    B. Fiber Seal
                    C. Fabu-guard
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