Maricopa Community Colleges  GBS110AC   19956-20086 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 07/22/08
GBS110AC 19956-20086 LEC 1 Credit(s) 1 Period(s)
Human Relations: Organizational Needs
Organizational needs and challenges including group problem solving, performance evaluations, ethical politics, and ensuring equity in employment and the work environment.
Prerequisites: GBS110AB or permission of Department or Division.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
GBS110AC   19956-20086 Human Relations: Organizational Needs
1. Identify the sources of power and how to use ethical politics to help achieve objectives. (I)
2. Explain the value of groups/teams and how to use participation in problem solving and decision making. (II)
3. Discuss the purpose and value of job performance appraisals. (III)
4. Distinguish between prejudice and discrimination and identify laws protecting against discrimination. (IV)
5. Identify the characteristics and impact of a culturally diverse work environment.(IV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
GBS110AC   19956-20086 Human Relations: Organizational Needs
    I. Power and Politics
        A. Sources and Types of Power
        B. Techniques to Increase Power Base
        C. Organizational Politics
        D. Ethical and Unethical Politics
      II. Group Problem Solving and Decision Making
          A. Importance of Groups/Teams
          B. Group/team Leadership Skills
          C. Problem Solving Model
          D. Problem Solving and Decision making techniques
        III. Performance Appraisals
            A. Purposes of an Appraisal
            B. Steps in Performance Appraisal Process
            C. Achieving Individual Objectives Through Performance Appraisals
          IV. Equity in Employment and the Workplace
              A. Areas of Employment Discrimination
              B. Laws Affecting Employment
              C. Sexual Harassment Guidelines
              D. Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
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