Maricopa Community Colleges  ENG235   19952-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 03/28/95
ENG235 19952-99999 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Magazine Article Writing
Basic skills and techniques used by professional writers for publication in magazines. Includes analyzing markets, identifying article slant, writing query letters, research techniques, editing, and submission procedures. Emphasis on nonfiction. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
ENG235   19952-99999 Magazine Article Writing
1. List the basic steps and describe the process of writing and selling magazine articles. (I)
2. Identify and apply techniques to facilitate writing regularly. (II)
3. Appraise and refine personal writing style in relation to language, grammer and punctuation. (III)
4. Identify, describe and target specific readers and markets. (IV)
5. Compose crisp, informative query and cover letters. (V)
6. Document the investigation and use of various research sources. (VI)
7. Operate a computer for word processing. (VII)
8. Develop and employ methods for illustrating articles. (VIII)
9. Outline the legal aspects of writing, including copyright. (IX)
10. Produce a specific number of crisp, targeted and well-structured articles ready for publication. (X)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
ENG235   19952-99999 Magazine Article Writing
    I. Writing/selling magazine articles
        A. Basic steps
        B. Process
        C. Magazine markets
        D. Finding, focusing, selling
      II. Regular writing techniques
          A. Identify
          B. Develop
          C. Rewrite, revise, edit
        III. Personal writing style
            A. Language
            B. Grammar
            C. Punctuation
            D. Mechanics and format
            E. Other
          IV. Readers and markets
              A. Identify
              B. Target
            V. Query and cover letters
                A. Crisp
                B. Informative
                C. Other
              VI. Research sources
                  A. Investigation
                  B. Use
                  C. Variety
                VII. Computer skills
                  VIII. Article illustration
                    IX. Legal aspects
                        A. Copyright
                        B. Writing as business
                        C. Other
                      X. Publication-ready articles
                          A. Fresh
                          B. Targeted
                          C. Well-structured
                          D. Other
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