Maricopa Community Colleges  HIS102   19946-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 2-22-1994

HIS102  1994 Fall – 2006 Summer II

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present

Survey of origin and development of Western civilization and its institutions from French Revolution through the present.

Prerequisites: None.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


HIS102  1994 Fall – 2006 Summer II

History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present



Describe the social concept of the Ancien Regime and its medieval background. (I)


Describe the philosophical and political concepts contained in the Enlightenment and exemplified by authors of that time. (I)


Describe the overthrow of the Ancien Regime and its replacement by enlightened principles as a result of the French Revolution. (II)


Describe major historical events of the French Revolution. (II)


Describe the defense of French society and its spread over Europe, as exemplified by Napoleon. (III)


Describe major events and personalities of the Industrial Revolution and their impact on society. (IV)


Describe the intellectual reaction to industrialization exemplified in the writings of Marx and Engels. (IV)


Describe the political and social reforms of the Victorian Era. (IV)


Describe the music, art, literature, and political events (e.g., nationalism) of the Romantic Era. (V)


Describe the era of Imperialism and Colonialism, including the impact of Charles Darwin. (VI)


Describe the social and political conditions in the emerging superpower in the East during the nineteenth century. (VII)


Describe the major conflict in Europe as the result of the social and political constellation on the eve of World War I. (VIII)


Describe the major events of World War I and their political fallout exemplified in the elevation of women's rights. (VIII)


Describe the events of the Bolshevik Revolution. (IX)


Describe the reasons for the rise of totalitarianism. (IX)


Describe the personalities rising during the age of totalitarianism: Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin. (X)


Describe causes and major events of World War II, including the rise of the North American economy and military power. (XI)


Describe the major phases of the Cold War and the emerging New World Order. (XII, XIII)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


HIS102  1994 Fall – 2006 Summer II

History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present


I. Establishing the social climate in Europe during the waning years of the Ancien Regime

A. Concept of absolutism

B. Concept of enlightenment

C. Literature of the Enlightenment

II. Events of the French Revolution

A. Revolutionary role of Jacobins and Sansculotte

B. Formation of a republic

C. Reign of terror

D. Economic collapse

E. Directoire

F. Role of the army

III. Napoleonic Era

A. Career of General Bonaparte

B. France in conflict with Europe

C. France in conflict with England

D. Spread of revolutionary ideals in Europe

E. Art, literature, and music of an heroic age

F. End of Napoleonic Era and beginning of repression in Europe

IV. Industrial Revolution

A. England during the scientific revolution

B. Technological breakthroughs, mechanization of production

C. Social mobility, social displacement

D. Social conditions in England; role of Marx and Engels (Communist Manifesto)

E. The Victorian Era: culture, social, and political reform

V. Romantic Era

A. Art, literature, and music of the Romantic Era

B. Political concepts of Romanticism, nationalism

C. The rise of Prussia

D. Consummation of power in Central Europe, unification of Germany

VI. Imperialism/colonialism

A. Europe and the world

B. American involvement in imperialism and colonialism

C. Impact of Charles Darwin, Social Darwinism

VII. Emerging superpower in the East

A. Government and social conditions in 19th century Russia

B. Road to anarchism and revolution

C. Career of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin

D. Romantic and political concept of Panslavism

VIII. Road to war

A. Europe and the world on the eve of World War I

B. Origins of the war

C. The front

D. The home front

E. Evolution of women's rights

IX. The Bolshevik Revolutions

A. Events

B. Repercussions

X. Rise of totalitarianism

A. Mussolini and fascism

B. Hitler: man and legend

C. National Socialism

D. Stalinism: the Soviet Union between the wars

XI. World War II

A. The Axis triumphant

B. The Axis defeated

C. Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

D. Demise of the old Europe, rise of the United States of America

XII. Cold War

A. Nuclear dawn

B. Containment of communism: NATO

C. Expansion of communism as a world-wide movement

XIII. The modern world and its New Order


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