Maricopa Community Colleges  GER101AA   19946-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 4-26-94

GER101AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II


4.0 Credit(s)

5.0 Period(s)

Elementary German I

Basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the German language. Includes the study of German culture, practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Prerequisites: None.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


GER101AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Elementary German I



Fill in requested articles before nouns used in a sentence, thereby demonstrating a knowledge of the gender of the noun and its case in the sentence. (I)


Replace subject or object nouns used in a sentence with a pronoun in the same gender and case. (I)


Insert a requested verb form in a sentence, making it agree with the subject, have the correct tense, and appear in the proper place. (I)


Insert the modal auxiliary and the completing infinitive correctly inasentence, according to a requested English meaning. (I)


Use the proper verb form for a command, according to whom the command is addressed. (I)


Arrange given German words to form a declarative sentence. (I)


Arrange given German words to form a question. (I)


Compose an original German sentence using a given German word. (I)


Ask an original German question about a person or thing. (I)


Pronounce German words and phrases. (II)


Read aloud short German sentences with appropriate German intonation. (II)


Write down simple German from dictation. (II)


Use German greetings and farewells appropriately. (II, III)


Answer yes/no questions both orally and in writing. (II,III)


Answer who/whom/what questions, using the correct case in the answer, orally and in writing. (II,III)


Answer where/whither questions. (II,III)


Write the German words for about 600+ English words. (III)


Translate to English an additional 600+ German words provided in context. (III)


Translate into German short English sentences involving the grammatical constructions and vocabulary studied. (III)


Translate to English prose selections involving the vocabulary and grammatical constructions studied. (III)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


GER101AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Elementary German I


I. Grammar

A. Cases of nouns and pronouns

1. Nominative case

2. Accusative case

3. Dative case

4. Genitive case

B. Verbs

1. Present tense conjugation of regular verbs

2. Present tense conjugation of stem-changing verbs

3. Present tense conjugation of "sein"

4. Present tense of modal auxiliaries

5. Present perfect tense, weak verbs

6. Present perfect tense, strong verbs

7. Double infinitive

8. Future tense

9. Imperative forms

C. Word order

1. Main clauses

2. Questions

3. order of objects

4. Order of adverbs

5. Dependent clauses

6. Position of past-participle in perfect tenses

7. Infinitive following modal

II. Sounds of German

A. Consonants

1. Initial

2. Final

3. Medial

4. Consonantal combinations

B. Vowels and umlants

1. Long

2. Short

3. Diphthongs

4. Final -e, -er

C. Accent and intonation

1. Stressed/ unstressed syllables

2. Glottal stop

3. Statement voice pattern

4. Command voice pattern

5. Question voice pattern

III. Vocabulary

A. Everyday expressions

1. Greetings and farewells

2. Days of the week

3. Months of the year

4. Seasons

5. Counting

6. Time telling

7. Classroom expressions

B. Nouns, their gender, and plurals

1. Nouns for people (nationality, profession, and family relationships)

2. Nouns for things in classroom and home

3. Nouns for buildings and places

4. Nouns for parts of the body

5. Nouns for clothing

6. English cognates - nouns

C. Verbs

1. Frequently used verbs

2. English cognates - verbs

3. Modal verbs

D. Pronouns

1. Personal pronouns, all cases

2. The words for "you"

3. Indefinite pronouns

4. Interrogative pronouns

E. Prepositions

1. List of prepositions requiring accusative case

2. List of prepositions requiring dative case

3. List of two-way prepositions

4. List of prepositions requiring the genitive case

F. Question words

G. Conjunctions

1. Coordinate

2. Subordinate

H. Adjectives

1. Demonstrative adjectives

2. Possessive adjectives

3. Color adjectives

4. Common adjectives to describe people

5. Common adjectives to describe things

6. Obvious cognates

I. Adverbs

1. Adverbs of time

2. Adverbs of manner

3. Adverbs of place



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