Maricopa Community Colleges  FRE201AA   19946-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval:  4-26-94

FRE201AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II


4.0 Credit(s)

5.0 Period(s)

Intermediate French I

Review of essential grammar of the French language and study of French culture. Continued practice and development of reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Prerequisites: FRE102 with a grade of "C" or better, two years of high school French with an average of "C" or better, or departmental approval.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


FRE201AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Intermediate French I



Select and use correct French pronouns. (I)


Conjugate French verbs in the proper mood and tense. (I)


Form correctly and use French adverbs. (I)


Differentiate between the French verbs requiring "avoir" and "etre" in the past tense. (I)


Use correctly articles in French. (I)


Form and correctly place adjectives in French sentences. (I)


Use negative phrases in French. (I)


Form the causative constructions in French. (I)


Use the comparatives and superlatives in French. (I)


Differentiate between the functions of the word "tout." (I)


Use two object pronouns together in the same French sentence. (I)


Form simple oral sentences in French. (II)


Respond appropriately to simple spoken French. (III)


Write simple French prose. (IV)


Read and describe edited French materials. (V)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


FRE201AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Intermediate French I


I. Grammar

A. Pronouns

1. Subject

2. Reflexive

3. Object

4. Prepositional

5. Stress

6. Demonstrative

B. Verbs

1. Indicative, conditional, and imperative moods

2. Present, past, future, and imperfect tenses

3. Reflexive

C. Adverbs

1. Formation

2. Placement

D. Articles

1. Definite

2. Indefinite

3. Partitive

E. Adjectives

1. Formation

2. Placement

3. Possessive

4. Demonstrative

F. Negation

1. Formation

2. Placement

G. Causative constructions

1. Formation

2. Word order

H. Comparative and superlative constructions

1. With adjectives

2. With adverbs

I. The word "tout"

1. As an adverb

2. As an adjective

3. As a pronoun

J. Object pronouns

1. Direct

2. Indirect

3. Word order

II. Speaking skills

A. Daily conversation on reading material

B. Giving oral answers to assigned exercises

III. Listening skills

A. Movies in French

B. French stories read aloud

IV. Writing skills

A. Short compositions in French

B. Daily written exercises emphasizing grammar principles

V. Reading skills

A. Daily work with grammar text written in French

B. Daily reading of selections in French

1. French history

2. French literature

3. French culture

4. Current events



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