Maricopa Community Colleges  FRE101AA   19946-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval:  4-26-94

FRE101AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II


4.0 Credit(s)

5.0 Period(s)

Elementary French I

Basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the French language. Includes the study of French culture, practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Prerequisites: None.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


FRE101AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Elementary French I



Use subject and object pronouns in basic French sentences. (I)


Differentiate between and use definite, indefinite, and partitive articles in French. (II)


Form correctly (as to gender and number) descriptive, interrogative, possessive, and demonstrative adjectives in French. (III)


Use prepositions independently and contracted with definite articles in French. (IV)


Use numbers when dealing with time and money in French. (V)


Differentiate between the French verbs requiring "avoir" and "etre" in the past tense. (VI)


Identify and use regular and some common irregular French verbs in the present and past tenses of the indicative mood and in the imperative mood. (VI)


Organize French sentences with proper word order in the interrogative forms and with object pronouns. (VII)


Identify and use properly in translation 500 French vocabulary words. (VIII)


Use correct French pronunciation, applying emphasis, liaison, elision, and accents. (IX)


Describe customs and habits of French people, as well as other peoples who use French on a daily basis. (X)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


FRE101AA  1994 Fall – 2009 Summer II

Elementary French I


I. Pronouns

A. Subject

B. Object

II. Articles

A. Definite

B. Indefinite

C. Partitive

III. Adjectives

A. Descriptive

B. Interrogative

C. Possessive

D. Demonstrative

IV. Prepositions

V. Numbers

A. Dealing with time

B. Dealing with money

VI. Verbs

A. Moods

1. Indicative

2. Imperative

B. Regular

C. Irregular

D. Tenses

1. Present

2. Past

VII. Word order

A. Interrogative

B. With object pronouns

VIII. Vocabulary

A. General

B. Thematic

IX. Pronunciation

A. Emphasis

B. Liaison

C. Elision

D. Accents

X. Culture

A. French people

B. Other people who use French daily



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