Maricopa Community Colleges  JRN133   19936-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 05/25/93
JRN133 19936-99999 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Development of Small Publications
Design, plan and write newsletters, brochures, and advertisements. Desktop computer production and paste-up techniques. Prerequisites: None. Computer experience and (BPC138AA or BPC138AB) suggested but not required.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
JRN133   19936-99999 Development of Small Publications
1. Apply typography, using units of measure, leading and kerning, in the design of a publication nameplate, a simple letterhead, a logo, or a business card for a company. (I)
2. Use the computer to design a page for a small publication with computer art and copy blocks. (II)
3. Describe layout and design principles for page makeup. (III)
4. Use design tools for page layout. (III)
5. Describe use of dummy sheets, grids and folds in small publication page makeup. (III)
6. Design an advertisement using the five common elements. (III)
7. Write copy blocks for a small publication. (IV)
8. Locate the news peg and write a lead. (IV)
9. Conduct an interview. (IV)
10. Write a copy block for an advertisement. (IV)
11. Explain and interpret cause for a libel or privacy action. (V)
12. Interpret copyright law. (V)
13. Recommend a publication philosophy with a two-paragraph policy. (VI)
14. Prepare a budget for a small publication. (VI)
15. Organize a readership survey. (VI)
16. Define the print shop's services and procedures. (VII)
17. Describe procedures for bulk mailing a publication. (VII)
18. Design and produce a camera-ready small publication, or part of one, using the cumulative elements listed in the course outline. (VIII)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
JRN133   19936-99999 Development of Small Publications
    I. Typography
        A. Terminology and definitions
        B. Units of measure
          1. Inches
          2. Picas
          3. Points
        C. Leading and kerning
        D. Designing with type
      II. Computer production
          A. Composing, editing copy with word processing program
          B. Creating computer art/graphics with graphics programs
          C. Scanning art
          D. Designing pages with pagination program
        III. Layout and design
            A. Page makeup
              1. Page size
              2. Grids
              3. Dummy sheets
              4. Folds
            B. Design principles
              1. Symmetry
              2. Scale
              3. Theme
              4. Harmony
              5. Balance
            C. Design tools
              1. Triangle
              2. X-acto knife
              3. Pica pole
              4. Parallel rule
              5. Proportion wheel
            D. Advertising design
              1. Copy
              2. Art
              3. Logo
              4. White space
              5. Headlines
            E. Art
              1. Line illustrations
              2. Computer art and graphics
              3. Informational graphics
              4. Tables and charts
              5. Photography
                a. Sizing
                b. Cropping
          IV. Writing copy
              A. Finding the news peg
              B. Interviewing
              C. Research
              D. Leads
              E. News and feature stories
              F. Headlines and cutlines
              G. Editing and proofreading
              H. Advertising copy
            V. Legal, ethical issues
                A. Libel
                B. Privacy
                C. Copyright
                D. Taste
                E. Accuracy
                F. Balance
              VI. Developing and evaluating publications
                  A. Publication philosophy
                  B. Audience analysis
                  C. Publication proposal
                  D. Budgeting
                  E. Readership surveys
                VII. Printing and postal services
                    A. Printing presses
                    B. Halftones, negatives, plates
                    C. Print signatures
                    D. Inks, papers
                    E. Color separations
                    F. Stripping
                    G. Print shop
                      1. Printer-client relationship
                      2. Services
                      3. Departments
                      4. Binding
                    H. Bulk mailing
                  VIII. Course project: develop camera-ready copy for a 2- to 4-page newsletter or a 2-fold brochure, advertisement or other small publication
                      A. Design
                      B. Copy
                      C. Illustrations
                      D. Headlines, cutlines
                      E. Theme
                      F. Paper
                      G. Ink
                      H. Advertising (if applicable)
                      I. Budget
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