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Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval: 2-24-09

ESL097  2009 Fall – 2010 Summer II

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

Fundamentals of Writing for English Language Learners

Emphasis on writing paragraphs and short essays using Standard English incorporating correct, idiomatic English in preparation for college-level composition with a focus on organizational skills. Developing effective writing strategies through five or more writing projects.

Prerequisites: Appropriate English placement score, or a grade of “C” or better in ESL087, or permission of Department or Division.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



ESL097  2009 Fall – 2010 Summer II

Fundamentals of Writing for English Language Learners


1.          Recognize how rhetorical contexts (including circumstance, purpose, topic, audience and writer) affect writing. (I)

2.          Organize writing to support a central idea through unity, coherence, and logical development. (I, II ,III, IV)

3.          Use conventions in writing complete sentences, using appropriate grammar and mechanics with special attention to identifying and correcting errors in diction and sentence structure. (II, IV)

4.          Use conventions in writing, including consistent voice, tone, and diction. (II, IV)

5.          Generate and support effective and appropriate ideas. (II, III)

6.          Integrate a variety of sentence types. (II, IV)

7.          Recognize and implement steps in the writing process for paragraphs and multi-paragraph projects, including prewriting, drafting, and editing for unity and coherence. (I, II, IV)

8.          Use feedback obtained from peer review, instructor comments and/or other resources to revise writing. (II)

9.          Assess one's own writing strengths and identify strategies for improvement through instructor conference, portfolio review, written evaluation, and/or other methods. (II, III)

10.        Generate, format, edit, and deliver writing using appropriate technology. (II, IV)


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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



ESL097  2009 Fall – 2010 Summer II

Fundamentals of Writing for English Language Learners


I.          Recognizing Rhetorical Context

            A.        Circumstance

            B.        Purpose

            C.        Topic

            D.        Audience

            E.         Writer

II.        Developing Effective Processes

            A.        Invention

            B.        Drafting

            C.        Feedback

            D.        Revision

            E.         Presentation

III.       Thinking, Reading and Writing Analytically

            A.        Reading for structural analysis

            B.        Reading for contextual analysis

            C.        Writing to communicate

            D.        Writing to analyze

IV.       Understanding Conventions

            A.        Format

            B.        Structure

            C.        Mechanics

            D.        Correct idiomatic expression and diction

                        1.         Present tense verbs

                        2.         Past tense verbs

                        3.         Future tense verbs

                        4.         Modal verbs

                        5.         Phrasal verbs

                        6.         Prepositions

                        7.         Articles

            E. Writing correct sentences

                        1.         Sentence fragments

                        2.         Fused sentences (comma splices and run-ons)

                        3.         Agreement (subject-verb and antecedent-pronoun)

                        4.         Pronoun reference

                        5.         Dangling and misplaced modifiers

                        6.         Punctuation

                        7.         Parallel construction



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