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Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 2-24-09

ENG071  2009 Fall – 2010 Summer II

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English

Emphasis on basic Standard English speaking and writing skills with a focus on essential grammar in developing effective sentence-level speaking and written strategies.

Prerequisites: Appropriate English placement test score or permission of Department or Division.


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



ENG071  2009 Fall – 2010 Summer II

Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English


1.         Generate grammatically correct simple, compound, and complex sentences. (I)

2.         Brainstorm, develop coherent sentences that can be organized into thought groups. (II)

3.         Revise sentence fragments into complete sentences. (II)

4.         Proofread and edit written work to correct errors in punctuation, spelling, and usage. (II)

5.         Organize and present an oral report based on library skills. (III)

6.         Use library skills to locate and gather information to organize and present in an oral report. (III)

7.         Use a computer to generate written text. (IV)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



ENG071  2009 Fall – 2010 Summer II

Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English



I. Sentence composition

A. Complete sentences

1. Parts of speech

2. Possessive nouns and pronouns

3. Conjunctions

a. Coordinate

b. Conjunctive adverbs

c. Subordinate

B. Subject/verb agreement

C. Verb tense

1. Choosing correct verb tense

2. Avoiding shift in time and person

D. Pronouns

1. Choosing correct subject or object pronouns

2. Making correct pronoun reference

E. Sentence variety

1. Simple sentences

2. Compound sentences

3. Complex sentences

4. Compound complex sentences

F. Punctuation and capitalization

1. Correct terminal punctuation

2. Correct use of commas and semicolons

3. Correct use of capital letters

II. Writing process

A. Prewriting

1. Talking

2. Free writing

3. Brainstorming

B. Organizing

1. Grouping

2. Outlining

C. Drafting

1. First draft

2. Second draft

3. Final draft

D. Revising

E. Editing and proofreading

1. Punctuation

2. Spelling

3. Usage

III. Oral presentations

A. Oral reports

1. Organizing the report

2. Presenting the report

B. Library skills

1. Locating reference materials

2. Using reference materials to gather information

IV. Computer usage

A. Using the computer

B. Generating written text



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