Maricopa Community Colleges  ENG217   20052-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 2-22-2005

ENG217  2005 Spring - 9999

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

Personal and Exploratory Writing

Using writing to explore one's self and the world one lives in; emphasis on journal writing as a source and inspiration for public writing.

Prerequisites: ENG101 or ENG107 or equivalent.


Course Attribute(s):

General Education Designation: Literacy and Critical Inquiry - [L]

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


ENG217  2005 Spring - 9999

Personal and Exploratory Writing



Use personal and/or academic journal entries as sources for public writing. (I)


Use writing to explore one's thoughts, feelings, opinions, observations and personal experience. (I, II, III)


Use writing to enhance critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills in examining ideas and issues. (I, II, III)


Use drafting, revising, and editing strategies to develop ideas from the journal into public writing. (I, II, III)


Give, receive, evaluate, and apply feedback to revise personal writing. (I, II, III)


Integrate research material into personal and public writing. (I, II, III)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


ENG217  2005 Spring - 9999

Personal and Exploratory Writing


I. Journal Writing

A. Types and purposes of journals

B. Personal experience and insight

C. Reading autobiography and biography

D. Moving from private writing to public writing

II. Writing Creative Nonfiction

A. Finding significant ideas, issues, and themes

B. Discovering Form

C. Drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading

D. Publishing

III. Incorporating Research Information into Creative Nonfiction

A. Sources of information and research methods

1. Print-based

2. Electronic and online

3. Living sources: interviewing techniques

B. Integrating outside sources into personal writing

C. Drafting, revising, and editing

D. Publishing


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