Maricopa Community Colleges  FSC224   20046-20086 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 05/25/04
FSC224 20046-20086 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Incident Command Systems
Methods for managing emergency incidents including command, control and coordination of response to all types of incidents, including hazardous materials, natural hazards, fire and multiple causality incidents. Emphasis on stabilization and protecting life, property, and environment.
Prerequisites: None.
Cross-References: AJS224
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
FSC224   20046-20086 Incident Command Systems
1. Define Incident Command Systems (ICS), and explain its functions and principles. (I)
2. Describe the ICS structure and job responsibilities. (II)
3. Describe the organizational structure of ICS, and identify the key players involved. (III)
4. Name critical facilities used in ICS operations, and explain the purpose of each. (III)
5. Describe the importance of incident resource management and describe the kinds of resources available. (IV)
6. List resource status conditions used at an incident, and explain what each means. (IV)
7. List the items included in a "Go Kit," and explain the uses of each item. (IV, V)
8. Describe deployment activities, including check-in, record- keeping, and communication. (V)
9. List the steps in demobilization. (V)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
FSC224   20046-20086 Incident Command Systems
    I. The Incident Command System
        A. Definition: concepts and principles
        B. History
        C. Components of ICS
      II. The Incident Command Organization
          A. Assessing incident and determining contingencies
          B. Determining response and resources
          C. Building a plan: The organizational structure and key players
          D. Multi-agency coordination
        III. Incident Facilities
            A. Command post
            B. Staging areas
            C. Bases
            D. Other facilities
          IV. Incident Resource
              A. Incident resources
              B. Resource categories
              C. Tracking resources
            V. Incident Command Assignments
                A. Pre-deployment readiness
                B. Deployment procedures
                C. Demobilization
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