Maricopa Community Colleges  DHE125   20046-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 5-25-04

DHE125  2004 Fall – 2010 Summer II


1 Credit(s)

3 Period(s)

Dental Radiography Laboratory

Radiation safety and infection control procedures for operator and patient. Film placement, exposure, development, mounting and evaluation of dental radiographs. Operation and maintenance of X-ray and processing equipment. Interpretation of radiographic findings.

Prerequisites or Corequisites: DAE/DHE124 and admission to the Dental Hygiene Program or permission of Instructor.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


DHE125  2004 Fall – 2010 Summer II

Dental Radiography Laboratory



Operate and maintain radiographic equipment. (I)


Demonstrate infection control procedures while exposing and developing radiographs. (II)


Demonstrate radiation protection measures for the patient and operator. (III)


Select appropriate types and sizes of radiographic film and film holders. (IV)


Expose, process, and mount intraoral radiographs using the paralleling, bisecting, and modified techniques on primary, adult, and edentulous dentition of mannequins. (V, VI, VIII, IX)


Expose, process, and evaluate panoramic radiographs. (VII)


Evaluate intraoral radiographs by identifying technique and processing errors and explain measures for corrections. (X)


Identify the anatomical landmarks of the dentition, maxilla, and mandible on radiographs. (XI)


Identify restorations, atypical, and pathological conditions on radiographs. (XII)


Duplicate radiographs. (XIII)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


DHE125  2004 Fall – 2010 Summer II

Dental Radiography Laboratory


I. Radiography Equipment Operation and Maintenance

A. Control unit

B. X-ray head

C. X-ray exposing instruments

D. Processing equipment

II. Infection Control

A. Radiography equipment

B. Patient exposure

C. Operator safety

D. Film processing

III. Radiation Protection Measures

A. Patient

B. Operator

IV. Radiographic Film and Exposure Instruments

A. Types/sizes

B. Purpose/use

C. Selection criteria

V. Radiographic Exposure

A. Bisecting technique

B. Paralleling technique

C. Modified technique

D. Mannequins

E. Patients

VI. Accessory Radiographs

A. Topographic radiographs

B. Cross-sectional radiographs

C. Distal-oblique radiographs

VII. Panoramic Radiographs

A. Expose

B. Process

C. Evaluate

VIII. Radiographic Processing

IX. Radiographic Mounting

A. Full series

B. Interproximal

X. Radiographic Evaluation

A. Technique

B. Processing

C. Corrections

XI. Anatomical Landmarks

A. Dentition

B. Skull

C. Periodontium

XII. Interpretation

A. Restorations

B. Atypical conditions

C. Pathological conditions

XIII. Radiographic Duplication


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