Maricopa Community Colleges  DMI110   20032-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 12/10/02

DMI110  2003 Spring – 2010 Fall

L+L  1.5 Credit(s)  2.5 Period(s)  2.2 Load  Occ

Critical Evaluation of the Diagnostic Medical Image

Recognition of acceptable and substandard diagnostic images according to established radiographic criteria. Production of diagnostic images of various regions of the body. Assessment and analysis of medical images to detect positioning and exposure errors. Correction of diagnostic image errors. Impact of pathology on image quality.

Prerequisites: Valid Arizona Medical Radiography Technology Board of Examiners (MRTBE) Practical Technologist license and BIO160, ENG101, CRE101 or CRE111, and COM101 or COM110 and HCC146.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


DMI110  2003 Spring – 2010 Fall

Critical Evaluation of the Diagnostic Medical Image



Compare and contrast high quality, diagnostic verses substandard images according to established radiographic criteria. (I)


Using radiographic phantoms, produce images of specific body regions following proper positioning procedures and technical factors. (II)


Analyze diagnostic images for positioning, technical and exposure errors. (III)


Distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable images according to established parameters. (IV)


Formulate appropriate solutions to substandard images. (V)


Using radiographic phantoms, perform positioning and technical modifications to correct errors on existing images. (V)


Describe modifications to technical and positioning factors due to selected pathologic conditions. (VI)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


DMI110  2003 Spring – 2010 Fall

Critical Evaluation of the Diagnostic Medical Image


I. Radiographic Criteria

A. Positioning criteria

B. Radiographic qualities

1. radiographic contrast

2. density

3. detail

4. distortion

5. controlling factors

C. Proper equipment use

1. grids

2. image receptor

3. image processing

4. computed radiography

II. Image Production

A. Correct positioning

B. Central ray alignment

C. Selection of exposure factors

D. Collimation

E. Anatomical side markers

III. Image Analysis

A. Systematic assessment of image

B. Assessment of positions

C. Evaluation of exposure factors

D. Correct use of equipment

E. Visible collimation and side markers

IV. Image Assessment

A. Repeatable errors

B. Non-repeatable errors

V. Modifications for Improvement

A. Assessment of image

B. Modifications of position to correct repeatable errors

C. Modification of exposure factors to correct repeatable errors

D. Additional aesthetic corrections to image

E. Repeat exposure with modifications for improvement

VI. Pathology

A. Radiographic appearances of selected pathology

B. Modification of technical factors due to pathology

C. Modification of positioning due to pathology



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