Maricopa Community Colleges  BPC103DA   19996-20016 

Official Course Description:  MCCCD Approval:  09/25/01

CIS103DA  19996-20014


0.50 Credit(s)

0.50 Period(s)

Document Integration: Microsoft Office

Utilization of Microsoft (MS) Office integrated software program. Includes customization, sharing data, hyperlinks and document integration features. MS Office Shortcut Bar, Office Binder and tools also included. Prerequisites: BPC103AK or BPC135DK; BPC104AD or BPC/CIS114DE; BPC118AB; BPC/CIS121AE or BPC/CIS121AG; BPC106AH or permission of instructor.


Cross-References:  BPC103DA


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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:



CIS103DA  19996-20014

Document Integration: Microsoft Office



Explain how to customize and use the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar and Office Assistant. (I)


Describe when a hyperlink should be used. (I)


Use shared Microsoft Office tools. (I)


Explain how to share data among documents. (II)


Use document integration features to combine and work with various MS Office applications simultaneously. (III)


Use Office Binder to combine and work with various types of documents. (IV)



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MCCCD Official Course Outline:



BPC103DA  19996-20014

Document Integration: Microsoft Office



I. Microsoft (MS) Office

A. Overview

B. Shortcut Bar

C. Office Assistant

D. MS Office Tools

E. Hyperlinks

F. Customizing

II. Documents and Templates

A. Opening from Shortcut Bar

B. New Documents

C. Template Usage

D. Copying and Linking Data

E. Embedding Objects

1. Existing Objects

2. Clip Art

3. WordArt

4. Additional Methods

III. Integration Features

A. Overview

B. PowerPoint

C. Meeting Minder

D. Outlook with Word

IV. Office Binder

A. Usage

B. Creation

C. Modifying

D. Printing

E. Binder Sections


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