Maricopa Community Colleges  CPD150   19976-99999 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 05/27/97
CPD150 19976-99999 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Strategies for College Success
Focus on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth, study skills development, and educational and career planning. Prerequisites: None.
Cross-References: AAA150
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
CPD150   19976-99999 Strategies for College Success
1. Identify and describe campus student support resources. (I)
2. Identify and apply time-management strategies. (II)
3. Identify and apply goal-setting strategies. (III)
4. Identify preferred learning style and describe it's relationship to teaching and learning strategies. (IV)
5. Identify and utilize interpersonal communication skills. (V)
6. Identify and utilize strategies to organize study materials. (VI)
7. Identify and utilize note-taking strategies. (VII)
8. Identify and utilize textbook, academic, and classroom strategies. (VIII)
9. Identify and utilize test-taking strategies. (IX)
10. Identify and utilize strategies to improve memory. (X)
11. Identify and utilize strategies for critical and creative thinking. (XI)
12. Describe the process of educational and career planning. (XII)
13. Describe current occupational trends and outlooks. (XIII)
14. Utilize career planning resources. (XIV)
15. Develop an education plan. (XV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
CPD150   19976-99999 Strategies for College Success
    I. Campus Student Support Resources
            a. Student Services
            b. Academic support services
      II. Time Management
              a. Analyzing present use of time
              b. Prioritizing
              c. Scheduling
              d. Calendars
        III. Goal Setting
                a. Identify motivators
                b. Values clarification
                c. Design short and long-term goals
          IV. Learning Style
                  a. Assess learning style
                  b. Teaching styles
                  c. Learning strategies
            V. Interpersonal Communication
                    a. Verbal and non-verbal
                    b. Active listening
                    c. Assertive communication
                    d. Conflict resolution
              VI. Materials Organization
                      a. Course syllabi and outline
                      b. Assignments
                VII. Note-taking
                        a. Outlining
                        b. Mind mapping
                        c. Cornell
                        d. Other note-taking techniques
                  VIII. Reading
                          a. SQ3R
                          b. Other textbook reading techniques
                    IX. Test-taking
                            a. Study environment
                            b. Test preparation
                            c. Test formats
                            d. Test anxiety
                      X. Memory
                              a. Short and long term
                              b. Repetition
                              c. Association
                              d. Mnemonics
                        XI. Critical and Creative Thinking
                                a. Evaluating
                                b. Synthesizing c Analyzing
                                d. Brainstorming
                          XII. Educational and Career Planning Process
                                  a. Self-assessment
                                  b. Assessing options
                                  c. Decision-making
                            XIII. Workplace Trends and Occupational Outlook
                                    a. Changes in the workplace
                                    b. Growth-oriented industries
                                    c. Occupational outlook for specific job titles
                              XIV. Career Planning Resources
                                      a. Technology
                                      b. Printed materials
                                      c. People/network
                                XV. Educational Plan
                                        a. General education guidelines
                                        b. Degree programs and requirements
                                        c. University transfer guidelines
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