Maricopa Community Colleges  CRW200   19962-20036 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 10/24/95
CRW200 19962-20036 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Intermediate Screenwriting
Drafting and revision of original screenplay; overview of marketing a screenplay. Prerequisites: CRW190 or permission of instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
CRW200   19962-20036 Intermediate Screenwriting
1. Use the screenwriting process to complete a rough draft of a screenplay. (I)
2. Identify and apply various methods of rewriting to an original screenplay. (II)
3. Finish a polished screenplay. (III)
4. Explain the process of marketing screenwriters and screenplays, and the roles of professionals involved in the process. (IV)
5. Describe the copyright and registration laws that govern the publication of screenplays. (V)
6. Devise an effective strategy for competing in various screenwriting competitions. (VI)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
CRW200   19962-20036 Intermediate Screenwriting
    I. The Screenwriting Process
        A. Step outline
        B. Rough draft
      II. Focused Rewrite Methods
          A. Narrative
          B. Dialogue
          C. Character
        III. The Finished Screenplay
            A. Polish
            B. Criticism
          IV. Marketing the Screenplay and the Screenwriter
              A. Agents
              B. Production companies
            V. Registering Screenplays
                A. Writers Guild of America West
                B. Copyright
              VI. Screenwriting Competitions
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