Maricopa Community Colleges  COM230   19956-19982 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 06/27/95
COM230 19956-19982 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Small Group Communication
Principles and processes of small groups and development of skills for participation and leadership in small group settings. Practice in problem solving, decision making, and information sharing. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
COM230   19956-19982 Small Group Communication
1. Identify and describe basic theories of small group communications. (1)
2. Identify and describe the purposes and functions of small groups. (II)
3. Identify and describe the characteristics of a variety of small groups structures. (II)
4. Organize and conduct small group meetings using a variety of formats. (II)
5. Identify the major factors of small group dynamics. (III)
6. Identify and describe the roles involved within groups. (III)
7. Apply verbal and nonverbal communication techniques in the small group process. (III)
8. Describe how differences in the background and experiences of group members impacts the small group process. (III)
9. Identify and demonstrate strategies for developing a supportive climate in a small group. (IV)
10. Identify and use effective conflict management strategies in a small group. (IV)
11. Demonstrate intercultural sensitivity within the group process. (IV)
12. Identify and use team building techniques. (IV)
13. Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills in small group settings. (IV)
14. Use meeting management techniques to organize, plan, and conduct a small group meeting. (V)
15. Identify information required in the research of a topic. (VI)
16. Describe the techniques of information management. (VI)
17. Identify and describe theories and styles of leadership. (VII)
18. Identify, describe, and demonstrate key leadership functions within small groups.(VII)
19. Use appropriate problem solving techniques to identify, analyze and resolve a problem in a small group setting. (VII)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
COM230   19956-19982 Small Group Communication
    I. Small Group Communications Theory
        A. Communication Models and Principles
        B. Communication Content and Process
      II. Contemporary Small Groups
          A. Purposes and Functions
            1. Information Sharing
            2. Problem Solving
            3. Decision Making
            4. Other
          B. Characteristics of Small Group Structures
            1. Business
            2. Government
            3. Service
          C. Meeting Organization and Format
        III. Small Group Dynamics
            A. Cohesiveness
            B. Roles
              1. Task
              2. Social
              3. Individual
            C. Status
            D. Norms
            E. Verbal/Nonverbal Processes
            F. Groupthink
            H. Group Membership
          IV. Creating a Positive Climate
              A. Supportive Vs. Defensive Communication
              B. Management Techniques
              C. Conflict Resolution
              D. Cultural Sensitivity
              E. Team Building Techniques
              F. Interpersonal Communication Skills
            V. Meeting Management
                A. Agenda
                B. Room Set-up and Resources
                C. Facilitating
                  1. Paraphrasing
                  2. Synthesizing
                  3. Summarizing
                  4. Time Management
                  5. Brainstorming
                  6. Other
                D. Follow-up and Evaluation
              VI. Information Management
                  A. Identification of Need
                  B. Research
                  C. Synthesis and Evaluation
                  D. Presentation to Group
                VII. Leadership
                    A. Theories/Styles
                    B. Emergence
                    C. Tasks
                    D. Shared Leadership
                    E. Adapting to a Situation
                  VIII. Problem Solving
                      A. Establishing a Shared Vision of Problem
                      B. Data Gathering and Analysis
                      C. Brainstorming Solutions
                      D. Establishing a Plan
                      E. Implementing a Plan
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