Maricopa Community Colleges  ASB255   19952-20065 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 09/27/94
ASB255 19952-20065 L+L 4 Credit(s) 8 Period(s)
Archaeological Exploration
Techniques of archaeological survey. Basic research techniques for the discovery of archaeological remains. Instruction includes practical field experience. Prerequisites: ASB230.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
ASB255   19952-20065 Archaeological Exploration
1. Review the purposes of archaeological reconnaissance and survey. (I)
2. Define the basic steps for planning. (II)
3. Examine the ways surveys are conducted. (II)
4. Critique different sampling strategies. (II)
5. Outline ways for recording archaeological sites in the field. (III)
6. Identify the methods for accurate location of sites. (IV)
7. Integrate field examples of surveys. (V)
8. Integrate field recording examples. (V)
9. Identify reporting formats. (VI)
10. Analyze report preparation. (VI)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
ASB255   19952-20065 Archaeological Exploration
    I. Purpose of Archaeological Reconnaissance and Survey
        A. Federal and State legal basis
        B. Objects of reconnaissance and survey: discovery
      II. Survey Planning
          A. Type of surveys
          B. Sampling strategies
          C. Manpower and cost analysis
        III. Site Recording Procedures
            A. Recording formats
            B. Equipment and recording techniques
          IV. Site Location
              A. Topographic maps
              B. Aerial photography
            V. Field Examples for survey and recording (actual field experience)
                A. Linear survey
                B. Small block survey
                C. Sample survey
                D. Site recording
              VI. Report Writing
                  A. Report formats
                  B. Use of tables and figures
                  C. Use of locational information
                  D. Finalization of site forms
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