Maricopa Community Colleges  ACC115AB   19952-20086 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 07/22/08
ACC115AB 19952-20086 L+L 1 Credit(s) 2 Period(s)
Computerized Accounting: Peachtree-Level I
Introduction to using Peachtree to automate an accounting system.
Prerequisites: ACC107, or higher level accounting course, or permission of Instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
ACC115AB   19952-20086 Computerized Accounting: Peachtree-Level I
1. Create a basic computerized accounting system. (I)
2. Safegaurd the integrity of the transaction data in the automated accounting system. (II)
3. Enter accounting transaction data into an automated accounting system. (III)
4. Produce reports of the accounting transactions previously entered into the accounting system which meet a specific set of criteria. (IV)
5. Modify transaciton data previously entered into the automated system. (IV)
6. Add to and/or modify the accounts used to classify transaction data. (IV)
7. Produce a balance sheet as of a specified date and an income statement for a specified period of time. (V)
8. Create and print checks. (VI)
9. Reconcile the accounting system's checking account data to a bank statement. (VI)
10. Located specific transaction data previously entered. (VII)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
ACC115AB   19952-20086 Computerized Accounting: Peachtree-Level I
    I. Introduction to the computerized accounting system
      II. Protection of data entered into the computerized accounting system
        III. Using the computerized accounting system to enter transaction data
          IV. Adding and/or modifying transaction data and accounts
              A. Locate and modify transaction data
              B. Produce reports of accounting transactions to meet stated citeria
            V. Accounting reports
                A. Creating reports
                B. Customizing reports
                C. Printing reports
              VI. Check creating and reconciliation of balances
                  A. Creating and printing checks
                  B. Reconciling checking account to bank statement
                VII. Retrieving and using specific transaction data
                    A. Locating specific transaction data
                    B. Producing reports to meet stated criteria
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