Maricopa Community Colleges  COM225   19946-19955 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 04/26/94
COM225 19946-19955 LEC 3 Credit(s) 3 Period(s)
Public Speaking
Preparation and presentation of informative, persuasive and special occasion speeches. Includes vividness of language, delivery, and overcoming anxiety. Prerequisites: None.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
COM225   19946-19955 Public Speaking
1. Master apprehension caused by fear of public communication situations by making presentations in small group settings. (I)
2. Refine active listening and evaluation skills by observing speech presentations. (II)
3. Research involving traditional and technological pathways for obtaining information. (III)
4. Refine writing skills by translating information garnered from research into speech manuscripts.
5. Demonstrate competence in impromptu speaking by answering questions following a presentation or by presenting an impromptu speech. (III,V)
6. Demonstrate competence in extemporaneous speaking style in all other tupes of presentations. (III-V)
7. Prepare and present at least one style of objective speech. (III)
8. Prepare and present at least one style of subjective speech involving one or more presuasive strategies. (IV)
9. Demonstrate competence in incorporating visual/audio aids during at least one type of presentation. (III,IV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
COM225   19946-19955 Public Speaking
    I. Overcoming Communication Apprehensions
        A. Small Group Exercises
        B. Speech of Introduction
        C. Other Selected Topics
      II. Listening Actively and Evaluatively
          A. Overcoming the Barriers to Effective Listening
          B. Objectivity vs. Subjectivity
          C. Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses
          D. Listening with a Critical Ear
        III. Objective Speaking
            A. Audience Analysis
            B. Writing Preparation
              1. Outlining
              2. Pattern s of Organization
              3. Use of Research Material
              4. Introductions and Conclusions
              5. Selection of Audio/Visual Aids
            C. Extemporaneous Delivery
              1. Presentaion
              2. Questions and Answers
            D. Objective Speaking Assignments
              1. Informative Speech
              2. Visual Aid Speech
              3. Demonstration Speech
              4. After Dinner Speech
              5. Travelogue
          IV. Subjective Speaking
              A. Audience Analysis
              B. Topic Selection
                1. Causes
                2. Issues
              C. Writing Presentation
                1. Patterns of Organization
                2. Persuasive Appeals, Statistics and Testimony
                3. Persuasive Use of Words
              D. Use of Vocal and Nonverbal Components of Persuasive Delivery
              E. Subjective Speaking Assignments
                1. Persuasive Speech
                2. Sales Speech
                3. Epidictic Speech
                4. After Dinner Speech
            V. Impromptu Speaking
                A. Applying Old Knowledge to New Topics
                B. Fluncy Under Pressure
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