Maricopa Community Colleges  BIO182   19946-20055 
Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 03/22/94
BIO182 19946-20055 LEC
4 Credit(s)
0 Credit(s)
3 Period(s)
3 Period(s)
General Biology (Majors) II
Additional principles of structure and function of living things at molecular, cellular, and organismic and higher levels of organization. Field trips may be required at students' expense. Prerequisites: BIO181 or permission of instructor.
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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:
BIO182   19946-20055 General Biology (Majors) II
1. Describe the scientific basis of evolution. (I)
2. Describe the general characteristics of each kingdom in biological classification. (I)
3. Describe biological diversity with respect to structure, function and classification. (II)
4. Describe the principles of ecology. (III)
5. Describe various behaviors of and interactions among organisms. (IV)
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MCCCD Official Course Outline:
BIO182   19946-20055 General Biology (Majors) II
    I. Review
        A. Evolution
        B. Biological kingdoms
      II. Biological Diversity
          A. Structures
          B. Functions
        III. Ecology
            A. Population
            B. Community
            C. Ecosystem
            D. Human impact
          IV. Behavior
              A. Innate
              B. Learned
              C. Interactions
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