Maricopa Community Colleges  BIO105   19946-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 2-22-1994

BIO105  1994 Fall - 9999

LEC  4.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

LAB  0.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  2.4 Load

Environmental Biology

Fundamentals of ecology and their relevance to human impact on natural ecosystems. Field trips may be required at students' expense.

Prerequisites: None.


Course Attribute(s):

General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ]

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


BIO105  1994 Fall - 9999

Environmental Biology



Explain the process of scientific inquiry. (I)


Describe how the environment, working through natural selection, has produced diversity of species. (II)


Describe areas of genetics related to the environment. (II)


Identify structure and function of atoms and molecules in organisms and ecosystems. (III)


Describe populations and natural communities as units of structure and function. (III)


Describe levels of organization and interactions within ecosystems. (III)


Identify problems associated with direct landscape alteration by humans. (IV)


Identify problems associated with the pollution of the environment. (IV)


Describe consequences of uncontrolled-population growth. (IV)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


BIO105  1994 Fall - 9999

Environmental Biology


I. Scientific Investigation

A. Process of scientific inquiry

B. Science versus dogma

II. Environment and Diversity

A. Evolution and natural selection

B. Evolution, speciation, and biodiversity

III. Basic Environmental Principles

A. Levels of organization

B. Organization and interaction within ecosystems

IV. Environmental Problems

A. Earth's carrying capacity

B. Human impact


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