Maricopa Community Colleges  ARH115   19946-99999 

Official Course Description: MCCCD Approval: 5-24-1994

ARH115  1994 Fall – 1998 Summer II

LEC  3.0 Credit(s)  3.0 Period(s)  3.0 Load  Acad

History of Photography

Survey of history of photography from beginning to present. Emphasizes medium's impact upon society and other visual arts. Technical developments, aesthetic concerns, and individual photographers studied.

Prerequisites: None.

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MCCCD Official Course Competencies:


ARH115  1994 Fall – 1998 Summer II

History of Photography



Identify examples of early photographic processes. (I)


Identify major individuals in the development of photo processes from 1826 to present, and describe their contributions. (II)


Describe the evolution of specific photographic trends and styles. (III)


Identify major figures in photography, and describe their contributions. (IV)


Describe various influential groups in photography and their contributions to the medium. (V)


Describe photography's impact on 19th century societies and on other visual arts. (VI)


Describe photography's impact on contemporary societies and on other visual arts. (VII)

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MCCCD Official Course Outline:


ARH115  1994 Fall – 1998 Summer II

History of Photography


I. Early Photographic Processes

A. Daguerreotype

B. Calotype

C. Collodion processes

D. Dry plate

E. Flexible film

F. Color Processes

II. Major Innovations in Photographic Process

A. 1826 to 1888

B. 1889 to present

III. The Evolution of Styles and Trends

A. Portraiture

B. Documentary

C. Photography as an art

1. Pictorialism

2. Naturalism

3. Modernism

4. Post modernism

IV. Major Figures in Photography

A. 19th Century

B. 20th Century

V. Influential Groups

A. The photo secession

B. Group F64

C. The Bauhaus

VI. Impact of Photography on 19th Century

A. Newspapers and magazines

B. Other visual arts

VII. Impact of Photography on 20th Century

A. Newspapers, magazines, television, and computers

B. Other visual arts


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